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The G Jack 2 by Fun Toys.

The G Jack 2 by Fun Toys.

Sonia Williams |

As a disclaimer I would like to say that typically I am not a huge fan, or in the market for strictly internal Adult Toys, up until recently I had not had much success with Rabbit style toys either, I was typically just a clitoral vibe type of girl for the longest time. So I decided to venture a little outside of my comfort zone.

At first glance the G Jack looks quite large in length and girth which can be intimidating to some, so if your looking to order one online I recommend looking at the dimensions or seeing one in person because pictures can be quite deceiving especially when it comes to size. The material of the G Jack is unreal, its squishy and plush and body safe and just looking at the G Jack is not enough you have to physically squeeze it to understand what I mean. It is made of Bioskin, a material that is hypoallergenic and as close to the human body as it gets!! The tip of the G Jack is realistic to the tip of the penis but the shaft of the G Jack is made up of smooth ridges that continue all the way to the base. It can be a lot of fun to use solo or have your partner insert while giving oral. If you really want to mix it up try using the Liberator Bon Bon toy mount and you will be in for a wild ride.

I know its sort of redundant to say because a lot of vibes now are "waterproof" or "splash proof" or "submersible" but I personally enjoy being able to enjoy a little me time by pouring myself a bubble bath, lighting a candle and pouring a glass of wine and sinking into the bubbles with a "waterproof" vibe. If your not in a committed relationship with someone else why not be in a committed relationship with yourself?

Now if your a little hesitant like I was on the size of the G Jack, try using a Hybrid Lubricant, you can add it directly to the Vibe or put the lubricant directly on yourself or both, really who says there can be "too much lube?" A lot of women find that using a clitoral vibrator during penetration can make the experience a lot more comfortable and more enjoyable, so if you need to break out your bullet then by all means. I was really pleasantly surprised by how well the G Jack worked for me, I had my reservations of course but sometimes it pays to try things you normally wouldn't. If color is something you take into consideration when purchasing, well anything, then you will be pleased to know that the G Jack 2 comes in two colors. My personal favorite is the Tiffany Blue which if your a woman and know the signature color of the Tiffany's jewelry boxes than you will understand why this color is so alluring, or you have the sleek black version of the G Jack 2 .

A few tips before you get started

I recommend taking the G Jack out of the box and charging it for the initial two hours. I also cant express the importance of washing all Adult Toys before and after use, even if they are made of body safe and non porous materials they should still be washed before and after use. Try pairing the G Jack with the Spunk Hybrid Lubricant, I swear it wont disappoint. When inserting the G Jack go slow, after you are comfortable with the length and girth try twisting as your pulling the toy in and out so that you really feel those ridges.


  • Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Six Vibration modes with increased and decreased intensity
  • Travel Lock
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 1 year warranty
  • Warms to body temperature while inserted