The Best Suction toys & Why they are my Favorite

The Best Suction toys & Why they are my Favorite

Let me just start by saying that Air Pulsation (Suction toys) used to make me laugh because I sincerely thought they were so gimmicky. The first Air Pulsation Toy was the original Womanizer which looks exactly like a Clarasonic face Cleanser, so when we started getting a large amount of requests for them I was pretty shocked but also, I had to know what was so special about this thing. After nearly 7 years of working in this industry and seeing so many toys and different types of technology come and go I'll be honest, I am not easily impressed anymore because after a while some toys just blend into another. But with the Womanizer I was actually blown away (all puns intended) 

I was really surprised that out of all of the different styles, shapes and types of toys that I have, I found myself subconsciously reaching for my Womanizer over and over again and then I thought, Why? 

Typically with vibrators after I have one orgasm, that's it, the toy or toys get washed and put back into their storage spot. Vibrators almost 90% of the time are great if you want a quick orgasm but once I have one it makes the clitoris too sensitive and I'm closed for business because the sensitivity becomes almost painful. Now on the opposite side of the spectrum, suction toys give me the complete opposite experience, Because Air pulsation toy's do not come in direct contact with the clitoris like a vibrator does it does not overly stimulate the clitoris. Which makes it possible for me to enjoy multiple orgasms without becoming overly stimulated and uncomfortable. That alone was the reason I kept reaching for my Womanizer over my wands, clitoral vibrators, rabbits and other toys because who doesn't want to enjoy multiple orgasms?? 

After that of course other companies and brands caught onto the technology and started making their own versions of this little godsend! So naturally I became a little enamored with testing new ones and figuring out which was the best of the best and which ones just did not make the cut. 

 So obviously first and foremost my favorite by far are the founders of the technology, Womanizers. I do own quite a few styles from the Womanizer Brand now since they came out about 5 Years ago. I started with the original Womanizer Classic W100 which looked exactly like a Clarisonic skincare device. Then I upgraded to a Womanizer W500 which mainly was a little larger in size, had a few more functions to it, was waterproof and came with an extra silicone head that was a different size for different shape/sized clitorises (which we can all appreciate). Then obviously with how much the Womanizer was dominating the Sex Toy industry, other Adult Toy companies had to come out with their own version. Thus the Satisfyer brand was born... Now the original Satisfyer came in one color and looked very very similar to the original Womanizer in terms of shape and size, the handle was slightly slimmer but it was also audibly more noisy. I tried this toy specifically to see if there were any technical differences between the two brands and while I will say they performed nearly the same I still preferred my Womanizer. Why you may ask? Well the biggest turn off to the Satisfyer was obviously the noise, I found it really annoying and distracting, I also felt like I had to charge my Satisfyer a lot more frequently where as the Womanizer seemed to have a longer battery life. But overall I think the biggest difference for me was that there was a very obvious luxury difference between the Womanizer and the Satisfyer. You could definitely feel that the Womanizer was made of better quality materials and just looked and worked a lot more luxuriously than the Satisfyer. Then for the next several years I continued using my Womanizers (which btw are still going strong) until.... The Lelo Sona.

Now let me preface this specific review by saying that one toy is not for everyone. That being said I was one of the few people that was NOT a fan of this specific toy. There is a big difference between this Air Pulsation toy and others like the Womanizer and the Satisfyer. So the Womanizer and Satisfyer are hollow on the silicone part that goes over your clitoris so your just getting suction. The Lelo Sona however has a silicone flap on the inside of the part that stimulates the clitoris and while its sucking on the clitoris, that silicone flap is thumping/vibrating on the clit. I obviously had to try this toy because Lelo is a company that is a force to be reckoned with but unfortunately for me because I have a sensitive clitoris, it was too aggressive for me. After this experience there were not a lot of other Air Pulsation toys that peaked my interest until the We Vibe Melt came out..

The We Vibe Melt is completely encased in Silicone like the Lelo Sona but unlike the Womanizer or Satisfyer. I am a little biased because We Vibe is one of my favorite Adult Toy companies, I think they just get it spot on over and over again! In terms of functionality this toy is not much different from the others. The biggest difference is that it works with an App on your phone so if your in a long distance relationship or your partner is away for work they can easily connect to your toy via app on their Iphone or Android and join in on the fun. The thing I loved about this toy was that it was virtually silent and because the handle is more flat than round it easily fits between two people during sex! I know I know, I was mind blown too!

Still to this day my favorites are either the Womanizer toys or the We Vibe Melt, and as far as vibration is concerned... who needs it? Which one is your favorite?




Written by Sonia

Manager and Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

Have been Mgr of Intimates Boutique for 7 years. I am certified in sexual education and sex toy expert. Sharing my knowledge is one of my biggest passions. Hope you enjoy the information.



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