The Best of Crave

The Best of Crave

A little about the Brand.

Crave is a company that we have been carrying for well over two years now. Its a brand that I recommend to people over and over again when they're looking for reliability. Crave was designed by an amazing woman named Ti Chang, she took her years of industrial design experience and became passionate about creating the absolute best vibrators for women! All crave products are made right here in the U S of A, which is pretty amazing considering most everything is made over in China now a days. All Crave products are made of body safe materials like medical grade silicone and stainless steel.

How do I choose???

Luckily Crave does not just have one "blanket" vibe that is supposed to work for the women masses.There are multiple designs to make sure that everyone is covered. Perhaps this little intro to each vibrator will help you make your decision or at the very least, help narrow it down.

The Crave Duet

The first and original vibrator designed by Crave is personally my favorite still. The design of the Crave duet embodies femininity, elegance and discretion. You could immediately tell that a lot of work went into this vibrator and it was a quality product. I liked that the tip of the vibrator was made of medical grade silicone and the body is made of stainless steel, this is also where you separate the tip from the body to reveal the USB which you can plug into any USB port like on your computer or the one you charge your cell phone with. Which is actually just genius for women who are constantly on the go and need a quick and discreet way to charge their vibe without everyone else knowing what it is. The Duet has two tips that have independent motors that kind of look like a tuning fork, you can slide the little rabbit ears around the clitoris to surround it with powerful waves of vibration. Or if you prefer you can use the tips of the Duet to lightly vibrate on the clitoris. Turn the Duet on and you'll be surprised that its practically silent, so the only sounds you'll have to watch out for are the ones you make. If your looking for a little extra adventure, try taking your Duet in the tub with you or maybe the Jacuzzi and enjoy a little underwater fun! If you want something with a little more power the Duet has a "turbo" mode which brings it from "WOW" to "HOLY HELL." If you are buying the Duet as a gift you can have the Metal bottom engraved with a little message for your someone special.

The Duet Flex

Is the newer version of the Duet. Like the original Duet, the Duet Flex has the two prongs that wrap around the clitoris. The ears on the Duet Flex are quite a bit more flexible than the original Duet but are shorter in length. The other noticeable difference between the Duet and the Duet flex is that the Duet Flex is completely covered in Silicone where as the Original Duet has a Stainless steel bottom that detaches and reveals the USB that plugs in and charges the toy. The Original Duet has the three buttons on the bottom where the Duet Flex has all three buttons on the body of the toy. The Duet Flex also charges via USB but the USB is found at the bottom of the toy instead of the middle like on the Original Duet. The Duet Flex has sixteen vibration variations for those who like to mix things up during play time. Unlike the Original Duet the Duet Flex is NOT waterproof, so if you like to take your vibe for a dip the Duet Flex may not be the one for you.

The Flex

The Flex is much different than the Original Duet and the Duet Flex. The flex is shaped like a finger and has a flexible tip. Like the Duet Flex the Flex is made of complete Silicone and has the three buttons on the front of the vibe. The USB is revealed at the bottom of the Flex like the Duet Flex. I personally will say that if you need a vibe that is virtually silent the Original Crave Duet is a probably a better option than either of the Flex vibes, they are in comparison to a lot of other toys still extremely quite but the Duet still takes the cake in that department. The Flex is totally discreet and would be the perfect traveling companion, easy to conceal in a small handbag and can plug right into your laptop to charge!

The Vesper

Our absolute favorite Crave product to talk about and for good reason!! I know what your thinking and trust me your not alone, everyone has looked at the Vesper and said "is that a necklace" and the answer is yes but with a hidden secret. The Vesper is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry to adorn your neck, it is also a very discreet vibrator! Now obviously not everyone is going to feel comfortable enough to wear their vibe hanging from their neck but for some it is not only a fashion statement but the best little vibe out there. The Vesper is very much like the Crave Duet original completely silent and super discreet. The woman I see wearing the Crave Vesper is obviously not ashamed of sexuality but embodies sexuality, someone who wants to enjoy a happy and healthy sex life either solo or with a partner but does not always have the time so what better way to make sure that your pleasure is a priority than to wear your pleasure devise beautifully around your neck? The Vesper comes in different finishes so whether your a rose gold kind of person (like myself) or just a simple but beautiful silver, there is a choice for everyone. The Vesper is also rechargeable, just remove the chain from the body by twisting and reveal a charging port that gets plugged into a USB outlet. Featuring only one button on the body of the Vesper, its easy to turn off and on and switch through your speeds and patterns quickly and efficiently.

The whole Crave line from A to Z was made for women, designed to please, feel confident in what is coming into contact with your body and to feel powerful about female sexuality.




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