Pillow Talk Pleasure!

Pillow Talk Pleasure!

Every woman who enjoys using toys knows that the appearance of the toy is almost as important as the power of the toy and its a key factor in whether or not they want that product in their toy collection. Most creators keep that in mind when deciding on toy designs and picking the colors to make the toy in. The creators of the Pillow Talk line kept that in mind when they made the three powerful, luxury appearing toys, complete with a power-bullet motor and an authentic Swarovski Crystal!


Pillow Talk Flirty:


The first vibrator in the line-up is the Flirty bullet vibrator. This bullet is perfect for women who are just starting out their toy collection, and women who aren't really into deep powerful vibrations. The motor on the Flirty is pretty subtle, and weak, unlike the rest of the toys. Even on the highest power level this bullet doesn't pack a big punch. For women who have used plenty of toys and/or women who prefer deep, powerful vibrations in order to orgasm this particular toy will let you down immensely. I did like how quiet it was,my partner could barely tell that it was turned on when i was using the toy, even though she was right next to me. The toy does charge fairly quickly and lasts a while which was a plus in my book. For the more experienced toy users and the ladies who are all about power, this toy is perfect for some long, delayed foreplay. Since it is so quiet and small, I actually used it as a panty vibrator on date night and I must say it was perfect because it kept me stimulated and aroused the whole time but it wasn't powerful enough to make me orgasm, even after wearing it for the whole meal! For the ladies who are more sensitive and are anything but power ladies, this toy is a MUST HAVE! My partner is completely opposite of me and is more of a suction/ subtle vibration toy user and this toy was absolutely prefect for her to use. One of its downfalls is that its a little bit bigger than the average bullet so we had to get creative and figure out a different way to secure it in the harness because it doesn't fit in ANY bullet pocket whatsoever. Without even thinking about its multi-use potential as a compact bullet vibrator, I realized it is actually a fun sex toy for couples to use.


Pillow Talk Sassy:

 The next toy on their line up is the Sassy G-spot Vibrator. This is the best g spot vibrator I have used so far! The first thing that attracted me to this g spot toy versus any other g spot toys was the fact that the tip wasn't so big and bulbous. I really enjoyed that the design used was more of a elongated bulb, and not a huge girth overall. An added feature to the toy is that to increase power on any of the Pillow talk toys you have to hold the button down to increase on the speed, so you can have a custom speed each time, you just can't decrease speeds without turning it off. I personally found it easy to apply pressure on my g-spot with this toy but I will say this toy is much easier to use post orgasm! If you are more sensitive I guarantee you WILL feel the weird contour ridge that they have placed on the side of the toy. I personally wasn't too bothered by it until post orgasm when I could really feel that ridge as well as the seam, which made it unbelievably uncomfortable, and I just had to get rid of the toy. One thing i normally deal with when using g spot toys is the fact that its difficult to pull the toy out post orgasm when the muscles are clenched but this toy wasn't bulbous enough to give me that difficulty, which ultimately made this my favorite g-spot toy.


Pillow Talk Cheeky:

The last toy in the line-up was my all time favorite, The Cheeky. There are plenty of options for wand personal massagers on the market, and believe me, as a power girl I've tried PLENTY of them, yet the Cheeky to this day is my all time favorite wand. I LOVED the fact that even the lowest power setting on the Cheeky packs a pretty powerful punch. These wands are fairly small compared to all the other wands on the market, yet they have a super powerful motor in them. The thing i absolutely loved the most about it was the fact that the vibrations slowly dissolve by the time it reaches the base/ handle of the toy so your hand doesn't really get numb from just holding it. The top of the wand isn't obnoxiously large which made it easier to hit a specific targeted area instead of wands like the Le Wand that has a bigger head and hits a large region versus just the area you're trying to target. It is quiet like the flirty but it definitely is a little more rumbly than the other toys. The only thing i hated about this toy is the fact that it goes from a deep rumble vibration speed to a fast, flicky vibration, loosing its depth.



Overall the toys were pretty good, but i didn't like that once you got to a specific speed you can't decline without turning it completely off. I definitely recommend them as top picks in their respective categories, as the all met that luxury expectation i had. We can only hope the revamp the toy and make it so you can increase and decrease the speeds without having to turn the toy off completely.



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