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Our Top 3 Picks for Fleshlight Style Male Masturbators

Our Top 3 Picks for Fleshlight Style Male Masturbators

Fleshlight isn't your only Choice

There are so many different choices for male masturbation these days. Fleshlight started creating a new market with their canister style toys but others have made it more economical and in some case greatly improved in sexual pleasure. We will go over some of these canister toys and hopefully steer you to what ones that work best for you.


Are Fleshlight's the best Male Masturbator?

Fleshlight's are a very good product and comes in many materials, textures and interior configurations. There best design by far is there Stamina Masturbators. As the more you use this toy the it will help with your stamina. How does this work? The bumps on the inside gives constant pressure as you masturbate. This help you get used to the pressure the vagina has and eventually help you last longer. These also come in an Anal stamina unit as well.


Tenga Flipholes are our Favorite Male Masturbator

The thing we like the most about Tenga Flip Series is the same thing that separates this sex toy from other canister masturbators. It is designed with a front and back in its configuration. I mean after all the penis has a front and back. So of course it only makes sense that a male masturbator should be built this way. The other thing we love about this toy is the amount of suction it creates. The best way to describe using this toy is as if someone is deep throating and sucking at the same time. Also when using this toy , you can hold your orgasm in place so when you do cum its a much larger orgasm than with most Male Masturbators. We also love the pressure pads which help add extra sensation when needed.

Are Main Squeeze is a combo of Fleshlight and Tenga?

The Main Squeeze by Doc Johnson is a nice combination of squeeze technology and a canister similar to the Tenga. There are many variants to the shape and focus of the Main Squeeze tunnel and is does have pressure pads which is a great assistance especialy if you have a smaller penis. We think the Tenga Fliphole and the Main Squeeze are both great for smaller penis sizes. You can try one or try all the configurations. Just think of it as having a different partner on each night.



We think all these are great male sex toys. We do think one Tenga Fliphole is better than the other 2 masturbators but it is also the most pricey of the three. Fleshlight has more configurations than the other models and is a proven sex toy. The Main Squeeze is the best item as far as bang for youe buck goes. we suggest you try all three for the ultimate experience.


Written by Tim Sizemore

Owner, Operator and Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique


Have been owner of Intimates Boutique for 20 years. I am certified in sexual education and sex toy expert. Sharing my knowledge is one of my biggest passions. Hope you enjoy the information.





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