Must Haves for Penis Owners!

Must Haves for Penis Owners!

We spend much time discussing the vulva, vagina, and clitoris. But this one's for the people with prostates. Here, we'll dive into ways to explore non-vulva erogenous zones you or a partner may have, from nipples and necks to penises and testicles.


The Perenium


The perineum, the fleshy region of skin between the testicles and anus, can be sensitive to touch. (It's also a way to stimulate the prostate, if you or a partner has one, without penetration.) You can stimulate the perineum by applying pressure or stroking sensations, starting with a gentle touch and exploring what feels best. Vibrators are favored here because they're versatile and often pretty powerful. Place the head of a wand vibrator, like the Fun Factory Vim Wand Vibrator, against the perineum. If it's too strong a sensation, try it through a layer of clothing or pop a towel over the vibrator's head.


Depending on your chosen position, the perineum can sometimes become difficult to reach during intercourse. Suppose you'd like to play with the area during penetration. In that case, there are wearable vibrators like We-Vibe's Verge that fit around the penis and testicles of the penetrating partner to stimulate the perineum during sex. Position the toy downward; that partner will experience pressure on their perineum with each thrust.

You can also turn the stimulator head upward, stimulating the clitoris or perineum of the nonpenetrating partner (instead of their perineum), depending on how you angle your bodies. You can manually control Verge's vibration settings via the side's power buttons or connect by Bluetooth in the We-Vibe app.


The Anus & Prostate


Stimulating the anus externally is simple: Touch as you would anywhere else, paying attention to what feels good. If you're exploring anal penetration, however, there are two musts. First, lube is non-negotiable. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating. (A water-based lube is well-suited to latex condoms and sex toys. An oil-based lube lasts longer and requires less reapplication, but you can't use it with latex condoms.) Use a generous amount and reapply if needed.

Second, any toy you put into the anus must have a flared base outside the body. Anything without a flared base risks getting lost in the rectum, and—you don't want to learn this the hard way—that could require a trip to the emergency room.

If you or a partner has a prostate, you can stimulate it by inserting a well-lubed finger, penis, plug, or dildo into the anus. You'll find the P-spot, where the prostate is most sensitive, a few inches into the anus towards the belly. Feel for a walnut-size gland on the other side of the rectal tissue.

When anal penetration goes too deep, a wearable buffer like Ohnut may be helpful. It's a set of squishable, stackable rings that limits penetration depth without sacrificing pleasure for either partner. It's compatible with water-based lubes, like Sliquid.


The Penis & Testicles


A penis may often be used as a blunt instrument—and many orgasms have been achieved that way—but understanding the nuances of its anatomy can help enhance pleasure. Try using a wand vibrator against the glans (the head) or the frenulum, the sensitive bit of flexible skin on the underside of the penis where the shaft meets the glans. Some people swear by using a wand on the scrotum and testicles. Look for the scrotal raphe, which looks like a seam—it's often especially sensitive. And for the shaft, some wand vibrators have sleeve attachments that can be used for stroking motions.


On to penis rings: Generally, they slip over the penis (and sometimes loop around the testicles) and vibrate to enhance pleasure and maintain arousal. If you're using one during intercourse, you can position the vibrating head to target sensitive areas, like the clitoris or perineum, on the receiving partner. A remote- or app-controlled device is excellent—it allows you to adjust the vibration settings without reaching for the buttons.


Explore Allover


Everyone is unique and will respond differently to various kinds of touch in each location on the body. To discover the erogenous zones of your own body or a partner's, the name of the game is exploration. Experiment with pressure, impact, texture, temperature, and vibration from head to toe. A body part may respond differently to your fingernails than it does to your fingertips or the tails of a leather flogger. Keep an open mind—you might enjoy a sensation you didn't expect, and preferences can change over time.

What's key is paying attention to what feels good in your body and taking note of your partner's verbal and nonverbal cues. When in doubt, ask questions about how a particular touch or area of the body feels. It can help to create a rating system. For example, you might rate sensations on a scale of one to five—one being not pleasurable and five being extremely satisfying.


Interested in Vibrating Rings?


Read this exert from a recent blog we wrote on them!

"Are you looking for a couples toy? Bet you've heard of a Penis Ring. If you have not, you are missing out, but let's remedy that, shall we? Vibrating Penis rings are among the most common, sought-after, and well-known forms of a couple's toys on the market. What is a couple's toy? Glad you asked; a couples toy is a toy that is meant to be shared and hopefully enjoyed between two individuals during intercourse.... Penis Rings are precisely what they sound like, a ring-style adult toy that goes around the shaft of the penis. Not all penis rings are created equally, from different sizes, durability, material, strength, shapes, and overall how they function and what they assist with. Some are made as simple as they come, a stretchy band that slides to the end of the shaft of the penis with a vibrator attached for the Vagina owner to derive stimulation from. Others come with more bells and whistles, such as Perineum stimulation, an extra strap for the testicles, or vibrating ears to envelop both sides of the clitoris. Vibrating penis rings are typically considered a couple's adult toy in the industry but can also assist with stamina. Don't think you need a vibrating Penis ring? You would be surprised how something you didn't know you needed can enhance your whole sexual experience. That being said, let's jump into the top three!"


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