Masturbation May for Ladies

Masturbation May for Ladies
We are well into mid May and with the hard turn our world has taken these previous months, we want to create a space where things are light, uplifting, fun and ultimately pleasurable! May is National Masturbation Month for Men & Women, it is a time to get to know yourself a bit better, make time for you, get to know your body, get in tune with your body and make sexual pleasure a priority! Whether you are navigating the single life or you have a partner, you can enjoy masturbation solo or with someone special. These are some of our personal favorite Female Toys.

Vedo Luv

A toy we are selling faster than we can get in as of late. Like all of the other Clitoral Vedo toys this one comes with a Rechargeable version as well as a Battery operated one. It also has a selection of colors to choose from. I personally prefer the rechargeable option as opposed to the battery operated version because the rechargeable version has a motor that tends to be more powerful and more reliable. The Vedo Luv has a peculiar looking tip, it has a shallow hole in the center and then a pointed tip at the top. You can place the shallow hole over the clitoris and disperse the vibration or use the pointed tip for more direct and targeted vibration. The Vedo Luv is made of 100% body safe silicone and features just one button at the bottom of the toy making it a lot easier to control during playtime. It fits in the palm of your hand so it is an ideal toy to travel with or hide if you have little ones in the house with wandering hands.

The Happy Rabbit Triple Curve

This Vibrator may be a bit more advanced for a lot of you but can be A LOT of fun for those who are feeling adventurous. The Triple Curve Rabbit is a Rabbit that features an internal vibrator and a clitoral vibrator like all rabbits but with one major difference. It also has a set of Booty Beads for anal play. If you are one of the many women out there who enjoy a little bit of anal play during internal or clitoral stimulation then check this toy out! If you are playing by yourself it can be really cumbersome to find a toy that checks off all areas you want stimulated, or worse you end up using multiple different toys at once to achieve this goal. You don't have that many hands and your body wont contort in that specific position and it ends up ruining the whole mood. The Happy Rabbit Triple Curve is like any other rabbit, stimulating you vaginally and on the clitoris BUTT with the added bonus of anal stimulation at the same time! This Rabbit has a flat base which I find extremely useful actually for cleaning. Usually when I am through playing with a silicone toy, I wash it and either dry it with a towel or paper towel or leave it to dry on a towel and because it is made of silicone it picks up lint and other fibers really easy. Because the base on the Triple is flat, when you wash it you can just stand it up and let it air dry and BOOM, NO little lint or paper fibers stuck to your toy!

The We-Vibe Moxie

I am almost 100% certain I have talked about this toy in some form or fashion before but its honestly because I think every woman needs one. First of all, We-Vibe is amazing, it is still holding rank in my top 5 favorite toy brands. They come with a warranty, they make some of the absolute best couples toys on the market and their tech is out of this world. The Moxie is no exception. This toy can be used solo and even better and perhaps even more fun it can be used with a partner. The Moxie is an underwear vibrator, but not a bulky, corded, uncomfortable one. It is sleek and works completely differently than the standard underwear vibes. The Moxie literally connects to your underwear, the little palm sized vibe sits on the inside of your underwear over the Clitoris and it comes with two little oval sized magnets that sit on the outside of your underwear and holds it in place so it does not move. The fun does not end there, the Moxie also comes with a remote control so your partner can control it while out to dinner, dancing or a movie! As if that was not enough the Moxie also works with an APP on your smartphone called            We-Connect so if your partner is traveling or your in a long distance relationship they can join in on the fun. The Moxie is also rechargeable, 100% waterproof and made of medical grade, body safe silicone!
So.. Go.. play May away! Explore, get in touch with yourself sexually and most importantly, Have Fun!

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