Let's Orgasm Together

Let's Orgasm Together

At Intimates we believe orgasming together can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for both you and your partner.

Achieving an orgasm at the same time as your partner depends partly on feeling comfortable communicating clearly how you’re feeling during sex. You need to be able to talk to your partner about what feels good, what turns you on, what to keep doing, and what to stop doing. 

Having an orgasm at the same time as your partner might also require you to put your partner’s needs before your own, holding off on your own climax until they can reach theirs. Or your partner may need to hold off for you. You and your partner both need to know what turns you on and how to achieve an orgasm individually before you can work on sharing an orgasm together.

Whether it happens at the same time as your partner or not, there are plenty of benefits to having an orgasm. Orgasms are stress-busters. They improve sleep, and they increase estrogen. More estrogen means more collagen, which means better skin.

Men who have more frequent orgasms can have a decreased risk of prostate cancer and even a longer lifespan. Orgasms also release hormones like oxytocin and DHEA, both of which can help protect you from cancer and heart disease. Oxytocin, also thought of as the “happiness hormone,” is both stress relieving and happiness inducing. 

Having a simultaneous orgasm can build upon the bond you’ve already created with your partner. It can bring you and your partner closer together.

This is one of hottest things you can do as a couple. For some this is easy and fun, but for others having an orgasm together is difficult and hard to achieve. The usual problem to do with finishing together is the man get done too fast, while the girl takes longer before being ready to orgasm.

Not all minutemen are from Boston. Whether its over excitement or you feel sooo good, the result being the man just doesn't last long enough to enable her to reach orgasm. We have found if we can slow him up is the first part of having an orgasm together. How do we do this? There are several things we can do to try to achieve this. There are desensitizing gels that numb, there are other types of sprays which will help with this as well. There are also techniques through masturbation that also help with endurance. Below are examples of ideas for both the man and the woman to become more in sync.


Male Delay Sprays

There are sprays that are designed to slow the male down. The most popular spray for men is STUD 100. This is a numbing spray. While not the most romantic way to slow him down, this is an aid that can help get over the initial excitement of intercourse. It is applied to the penis about 60 seconds before intercourse. Another option that is more of an oil than a spray is CHINA BRUSH. This works much different than the numbing type, the oil is brushed on the tip of the penis and can be applied about 30 minutes before sex. Which does help if you are trying to apply discreetly. When the oil is applied, it creates a slight burning sensation through the penis. This burning sensation actually help to desensitize the male therefore enabling him to hold off orgasm longer. The 1st step in having an orgasm together.


Hand Masturbation techniques

Hand Masturbation is hand masturbation. With that being said, there are ways to work the penis so that you can last longer. How you ask? We suggest trying different types of lubricants to create different sensations, this is so the penis gets used to different types of friction. This also makes masturbation more fun than ever. Another great masturbation practice is right when you  think your going to orgasm, stop and keep you hanging on the edge. What does this do? It teaches on how to hold back orgasm. In other words, you learn to wait for her.


Male sex toys for endurance

There are quite of few Male Toys on the market that are designed to help with endurance. Our Fave of these type of toys is the Fleshlight Stamina Unit. It give so much friction while using that you get used to the heavier sensations. Did I mention, these toys feel fantastic. Fleshlight also makes a smaller version that is 30% Cheaper called the Quickshot Stamina Stroker. Another good choice is the Mainsqueeze Endurance Trainer. We like this stroker because it has pads on the side that can be squeezed for a tighter fit and more resistance. Any of these toys will help you build up your endurance.



Speed her up through foreplay

We don't really speed her per say, what we will try to do is build her up with different techniques such as oral or using your hands. All you really want to do is get her ready and so close to orgasm that it won't take her long to reach an orgasm. Which should enable you to last long enough to have a hot orgasm TOGETHER. So leads with some oral play and start getting her closer to the finish line.


Use a toy to get her More Ready

If doing oral isn't your thing, Too bad for her. You can always use any type of sex toy to get her motor running. Again the key is getting her closer to orgasm before intercourse begins. Another thing to try is to use a couples toy like a vibrating ring or a sex toy that is wearable like a We Vibe Chorus or Unite. These toys are worn by the female but will enable her to reach a faster orgasm which again will help the man keep up. Shop our best toys here.


Lubricants can change the sensations

Another great way for the male to last longer is to find a personal lubricant that can coat the penis in a way that it slightly desensitizes the tip of the penis. Not so much that you would lose an erection. Lube like silicone can create a slight barrier between you and the vagina. This removes just enoght sensation to hopefully help the man last longer without taking any pleasure away from the females pleasure.

 Mutual Masturbation

This is actually a great way to orgasm together. Let her have her favorite sex toy and you can use your hand or a toy. Why does this work so well. Timing, You can each hold back your orgasm until your partner is ready to join you. Watching each other have a orgasm is a great turn on for both


Achieving an orgasm together can be an intensely rewarding experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary for a fulfilling sexual experience. Think of it as a nice side perk rather than the pinnacle that defines success. The more you practice it, the more likely simultaneous orgasms will become one of the many sexual experiences you and your partner enjoy. 




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