Le Wand Review

Le Wand Review

Personally I have never been overly interested in all of the Wand style vibrators on the market although they are some of the most commonly sold. Whenever I think of Wands I think of giant back massagers with the two giant red bug eyes popping out at you. That was until I met the Le Wand! 

Now I know that your thinking " the Le Wand is pretty big, what is she talking about?" I decided to put the size of this beaut aside and give it a second glance. I'm not entirely sure what caught my attention but the packaging is definitely stunning. The wand itself comes in two different colors, a pearl white with rose gold trim (the option I chose) and a beautiful grey. There are three different buttons on the handle of the Le Wand guiding you through 10 vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns, not that I could even get past the first speed. A (+) sign to power the vibrator on and increase the speed. The middle button changes the vibration pattern which is great for those trying to achieve multiple orgasms. The last button is a (-) sign to decrease the speed and power the Le Wand off. Holding the (+) button and (-) button down at the same time for five seconds locks the Le Wand so that it cant be accidentally turned on during travel. I will say that the Le Wand is not as light as a lot of other toys which for some, like those who have arthritis in their hands can be difficult. I personally do not find it an inconvenience during solo play. When you turn the Le Wand on you can immediately tell the quality of the motor is high. The vibration is deep and rumbly unlike some vibrators that have an external rattling vibration. Everyone experiences vibration differently and what works for one may not work for another but personally I've always found deep and rumbling vibration to be felt deeper in the body instead of rattling vibration that is over stimulating and almost painful.

The neck is very flexible which makes it really easy to guide the vibration right where you want it! I am always mentioning how amazing Silicone is when it comes to toys but again it really is, silicone is a non porous material so it cannot absorb any moisture and collect bacteria! So for those of you with really sensitive skin, toys made from silicone are always a great option. The head of the Le Wand is covered in Silicone which I always find makes it smooth and comfortable on the clitoris unlike materials that have seems or hard edges.

Using the Le Wand for the first time was the heavens opening up and choirs singing some melodic music that I couldn't concentrate on cause I was too busy being mind blown!  Although I didn't get past the first speed I was still shocked by its effectiveness and power. Having a second orgasm right after was personally a little tricky because the type of orgasm achieved from the Le Wand is so intense it leaves you a little too sensitive. The head of the Wand is made of smooth silicone but if you are interested in a surface with a little more texture, the Le Wand comes with a little sleeve you can put over the head that has bumps and ridges for an added sensation.

I also wanted to test out the ability of the Le Wand as a body massager since I know that not everyone uses Vibrators in the same way. My partner used a very thin organic massage oil on my back and after rubbing some of the oil into the skin he then used the Le Wand on my back. I think that because the vibration from the Le Wand is so deep and powerful it was able to get really deep to my muscles.


- 1 year warranty

- 20 vibration patterns

- 10 vibration speeds

- Flexible Neck

- Made of 100% body safe silicone

- Travel lock

- 3 hour charge = 3 hours of use

- Latex Free

- Phalate Free

- Rechargeable



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