Last Minute Valentine's Day Shopping Guide

Last Minute Valentine's Day Shopping Guide
Did you wait until the last minute to do your Valentine's Day shopping? Not quite sure what to get for your partner to celebrate your love? Follow this guide to make sure that your Valentine's Day is the best one yet!
1. Bath & Body Basket:
Put together a basket that focuses solely on the body! A massage candle can really set the mood. Light your candle to create a romantic ambiance and let it burn for about 20 minutes. When the candle melts down into a massage oil you can pour the oil directly onto your lover and give them a sensual massage. With your intentions set, reach for the next two things in your basket: Stimulating oil/lotion and lubricant. One of our favorite stimulating oil would be the On Arousal Oil... all you need is a drop on the clitoris to send your partner into a tingly sensation of pure ecstasy. If you would like a stimulating lotion that can work for both genders, try the Horny Honey! Once your romantic session has come to an end, wind down in a steamy bath where you can float rose petals and drop in a scented bath bomb! Your loved one will surely be impressed with the effort you put in to show them how much you care.
2. A little bit Kinky:
If you want to step up your game this Valentine's Day and try something a little bit different, try putting together a bondage package. A blindfold can create a sexy type of fun that will leave your partner wondering what you are going to do to them. Restrain your partner with a pair of wrist cuffs to keep them in place and give you total control over them. A ball gag might sound scary at first, but take a look at this one! The Quickie Ball Gag is a small silicone ball that is perfect for a beginner with gags! Once you've restrained your partner in more ways than one... you can tease them with light sensation play. Try this Whip & Tickler to lightly tickle your partner down the back of their neck & back and then surprise them with a small smack of the whip on their bottom! For extra sensation play, try an Icicle brand Dildo. An Icicle is a dildo made out of glass that is completely body safe. The best part of a glass toy? Temperature play! If you're looking for a cooler temperature, place your icicle in the freezer. For the opposite effect, you can put your icicle in warm water to play with a warm sensation.
3. Couples Toy Package:
 Some fun for everyone? Why not put together a present that has something that everyone can enjoy! The Doc Johnson Tryst is a couples toy that has unlimited ways to use it! You can use it as a female's solo toy, a male's solo toy, or use it together as a couple's toy. There's no way this toy will leave anyone feeling left out! The next perfect option for a Valentine's Day couples toy would have to be the We-Vibe Sync. When you're out at your Valentine's dinner date, the woman can wear this little U-shaped vibrator while her partner can control the vibration via an app on their phone. The best part about the We-Vibe Sync is when you get home and get down to business, you don't even have to take the Sync out. With enough lubricant, you can have penetrative sex while the Sync is inserted providing both parties with incredible, mind blowing vibration. Literally fun for everyone. Pair either of these toys with some lubricant and a stimulating oil/lotion and you will have a night you won't soon forget!

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