How to use your sex toys in different ways!

How to use your sex toys in different ways!

Are you bored of using your vibrators in the traditional way? Now that we have all this time on our hands, why don't we get a little creative with our sex toys! Here's a list of different ways you can use your sex toys out of the norm...

Vibrating C-Ring

1. Want to jazz up your plain boring dildo? Slide a vibrating penis ring down to the base of your dildo to add some vibration and clitoral stimulation to liven things up.

2. You can slide a couple of fingers through the ring of your vibrating cock ring and use it to hold against the clitoris or nipples during masturbation or intercourse!

3. Men! If you enjoy vibration, don't limit yourself to using your vibrating c-ring during intercourse only! You can use it while you masturbate as well.


1. Why not use your vibrating wand massager to ACTUALLY massage your neck or back?!


1. Step up your oral game by putting your vibrator against your cheek when performing oral. Your partner will feel the vibration and go absolutely wild!

2. Use your vibrator for some nipple play. Circle your nipple with your vibrator for some fun teasing.

3. Use your vibrator to spice up a hand job. The vibrator can be used to run along the shaft of the penis. Pro tip: A little bit of lube will allow the vibrator to glide across the skin with ease.

4. During oral, place the vibrator on the perineum. (This is the area between the vagina or balls and the anus) 

 There are so many different ways to use sex toys... Go grab your favorite toy, explore and enjoy!


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