How to Shop for Dildos

How to Shop for Dildos

What are you looking for?

 I think if your want to know which Dildo to buy? Think of yourself. What size penis do you like? Are you wanting something bigger than your partner? Do you want a stiff or a soft bendable dildo? These are all great questions and a good start to finding out what you're looking for in a dildo. We will answer many of those questions in this blog. Ultimately its your choice to what dildo will be perfect for you. 

Length vs Girth

When shopping for a dildo the most important thing is, we think so is girth. too wide and its uncomfortable and you may find if it isn't pleasurable. you just won't use it as much. Again, this goes back to what you are looking for. Maybe you want a wide enough toy for that being stretched to the maximum feeling. Length is important if you going for the more full filled up feeling. The length and bend of the dildo will come into play if you're trying to hit the G Spot or reach back where a partner may not be able to reach with his own Penis. We have found most buy a size different than there partner. After all, if you already have it. Then why get the same. Unless your partner needs it for erectile dysfunction problem? Then just replacing his size is the best.



There are many materials you can choose from with many having particular characteristics depending to what the material is. The 5 main materials used are a TPR rubber like material, Fleshlike Cyberskin Material, Jelly Like Material, Silicone and Glass Materials. Rubbers and Jellys are usually more budget dildos and have a tendency to be a little harder or stiff than some of the other choices. This does make these materials more harness play friendly. Glass is great for sensation play but are not great for harness play. Fleshlike cyberskin materials feel great and are the most lifelike but do breakdown over time and the other shell begins to tear. The softness make is feel great but not durable for extended use and base may tear in harness play. Silicones are our first choice because of so many reasons. Some silicones are soft and feel like flesh. this quality comes in dildos brands like Vikskin. These are very high quality, are expensive but do hold up with time. Tantus make a great silicone dildo as well. One of our favorite new silicones is the Fleshstixxx brand. This brand is bendable and cushy to the touch. Throw in a great suction cup and this dildo will check all the boxes.


 Vibration or Non Vibrating Dildos

A lot of people think a dildo is always non vibrating. We do sometimes refer to a vibrating dido as a dong. We are in this business and we don't always know what to call them. The question probably should be is will vibration improve how the dildo feels. 9 out of 10 times vibration will help the dildo feel better. Particularly if your using the dildo for self play and the vibration is being used on the clitoris as well. Vibration will never be a bad thing, when someone is using a dildo with a harness the vibration may not be as effective. There are also rabbit style dildos made for harness play. if you want clitoral with penetration, then these are a great pick. Most of the time a regular non vibrating dildo with due just fine.


Suction Cup or Harness Only

Most Vibrating dildos are not always harness friendly. They either lack a suction cup or at least a harness flange to place under the harness rings. Not all dildos have suction cups, some have just flanged bases that are made to be used with a harness. Harnesses are great for girl/girl play and are also used when a man wants to be pegged(Anal harness play where the women penetrates the man.) Another time a harness is use by the male is when the man may have erectile dysfunction issues. this enables him to have sex with his partner even though he cannot maintain an erection. A suction cup dildo is always the most versatile of all dildos. they can be attached to chairs, shower wall or even the refrigerator if that is your pick. Its really a personal choice but we think suction cup toys work best.



Buying a dildo can be intimidating. With so many style, sizes and materials. The best thing is to find the size or shape you desire. then it will come down to price and material. Silicone material has a tendacy to be a bit pricier but will last longer than some of the dildos. Rubbers and gel materials are for people that are a bit more budget oriented dildos.  




Written by Tim Sizemore

Owner, Operator and Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

Have been owner of Intimates Boutique for 20 years. I am certified in sexual education and sex toy expert. Sharing my knowledge is one of my biggest passions. Hope you enjoy the information.



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