How to Make Him Comfortable with Anal Play

How to Make Him Comfortable with Anal Play

Does he like anal play?

Anal play isn't for everyone. It can be one of the most intimidating sexual things you can try. Yet also can be one of the most sexual rewarding. It's been around since Greek times with Dildos found that resemble anal sex toys of today. There are nerves in the anus and one major nerve, the pudendal nerve. This nerve connect the Anus, Perineum and Prostate. This is why when a man has prostate issues it effects his sex life so negatively. We do consider anal play as a completely different type of anal play with the prostate being a specific body part to massage and stimulate. Anal play is more about the sphincter, Both inner and outer function quite different in anal play. Outer is more sensitive to vibration while the inner sphincter is more pressure based.

Let's get Prepared

Lube Lube and more lube! That is only part of preparing for anal fun. You must be able to relax, it is the single most important thing when putting things into the anus. Doesn't matter if that is fingers or a sex toy. The anal cavity is actually quiet clean considering what it is used for. Mainly the only times its dirty is right before or after evacuation. You still need to worry about bacteria and should never go from the anal area into the vagina. This could be a disaster as far as bacteria goes. So we have our lube, if toys are involved its good to never go too big too fast. The most important thing is to relax.


Its time - Let's Play

So we have prepared for butt play. You have plenty of lube and an assortment of anal toys to try. We suggest you always begin with a smaller toy until you know what your most comfortable size is. As you begin your playtime, remember the key is to relax. Maybe use another toy or some type of distraction until you get use to the pressure on the inner sphincter. If you use vibration this will help desensitize and stimulate the outer sphincter. That is where most of the nerve endings are for the anus. Now that you have inserted the toy and you are relaxed and comfortable, you should wiggle the toy to feel the weight and pressure. When you feel ready start to pull the toys out and slowly reinsert. This should have you ready to try new things and open up a whole new world of butt play.


After Anal Play

After anal play is all about self care and cleanliness. Depending on the type of lube used and whether its something your body will absorb naturally. But if you feel unclean then we suggest using an Enema to get out any excess liquid out so you feel fresh. All sex toys should be cleaned with soap and water or an anti bacterial cleaner. Toys should be store in separate cloth bags and should not be store touching each other. Sometime sex toys with the same materials can melt into each other.



Anal sex can be fun and sexually rewarding if done in the right way. Always find out what types of anal play. Some anal play could be just vibration or rubbing on the outer sphincter or the perineum. This is a external prostate massage. If you use toys please make sure they are suitable size for what you are wanting to achieve. With these tips and ideas you should be well on your way to a good anal experience.





Written by Tim Sizemore

Owner, Operator and Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

Have been owner of Intimates Boutique for 20 years. I am certified in sexual education and sex toy expert. Sharing my knowledge is one of my biggest passions. Hope you enjoy the information.






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