Eva Couples Toy

Eva Couples Toy
If I am honest when I first saw the Eva I didn't get excited. It looks like a weird bug, which is not what you want to associate with an adult toy. Upon further investigation, I noticed that the Eva was not as complex as it looks. It only has three settings, which to me makes most sense because, when I think couples toy I think "uncomplicated". Most other couples toys have a bunch of buttons, settings, pulsing and the whole nine yards, which seems to be counterproductive. The Eva Couples toy solves the whole, "How do I use a clitoral vibrator and still have intercourse?" dilemma.

Although this little alien-like creature looks weird with it's little arms, it is actually pretty ingenious. The idea is that the arms, or wings, will tuck under your labia for a comfy fit during intercourse without any distractions. Needless to say, at this point I was interested in the little bugger. The selling point for me was that the Eva was designed by two women - I love the idea of women looking out for women's sexuality everywhere!

The Eva comes in a Lavender or Aqua color. I chose the aqua so that my partner didn't feel too emasculated. With all rechargeable toys, I recommend taking the time to charge them before usage, nobody likes the interruption of a toy dying right at that perfect moment. Now remember, this is a couples toy or a solo toy but, it is meant for the woman to wear, which was a little hard for me to wrap my head around. Most couples toys are worn by the male partner, not the female.

I whole hardheartedly loved that this toy was absolutely hands free, it wasn't something I had to hold during sex or think too much about. If I want clitoral stimulation during intercourse, it is always a giant hassle. With the Eva it was distraction-free pleasure over load. From what I understand, the Eva is able to work in multiple different positions, but for me it only worked two ways. I was either on top or my partner was, which actually worked just fine for us.

The Eva comes with three vibration speeds; low, medium, and high. I found that the medium was just enough. Any more than that and it would have been too much stimulation. Although the Eva is specified as a couple's toy, using it with a partner won't result in them feeling any stimulation. My partner was thrilled by how much I loved the Eva but he sadly felt nothing.

If you are a woman not concerned with the "couple" aspect of this toy and are looking for a solo use toy, the Eva could also be perfect for you. You can use the Eva as a source of constant clitoral stimulation while using a vibrator for penetration or if you just simply want clitoral stimulation, the options are pretty endless.

I was thoroughly impressed by the Eva. It reminded me to never judge a book by its cover, or in this case a toy by its bug-like shape. I would highly recommend the Eva to single woman and all couples.


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