Coochy Creme

Coochy Creme

Why Coochy Creme? If you're a woman you, no doubt, know the struggles of shaving. I have been shaving my legs since I was in the fifth grade. Before that, I pretended to shave my legs because my mother obviously did not know the horrors of having Puerto Rican blood and dark hair. If I remember correctly I used a popular drug store brnad shave cream before I discovered the wonders of Coochy Cream. I found Coochy Cream about three years ago and it was love at first shave.

Unlike most drugstore shaving creams or gels, This shaving Cream is a conditioner-like consistency. Store brand is more like soap, so when shaving it dries your skin out instead of moisturizing. The Cream might seem weird because it doesn't give that satisfying lather like other shave gels do but, believe me, you will not be disappointed by the end results.

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