Play Outside The Bedroom

Play Outside The Bedroom

Ever think that it might be fun to play outside the house? If so, I am going to show you a few exciting toys that could make that possible!

This first toy that I am going to talk about is the Vesper by Crave. This guy is small but packs a punch! It comes on a 26" chain and in three finishes being 24 kt gold, rose gold, and silver. It has three speeds and one pulsation mode. The Vesper hangs on a simple and only the people in the know, will know.

Next up is a panty vibrator! Now, we have all heard of different kinds of panty vibes, but I think the Sensuelle panty bullet takes the cake! It has 15 different functions, comes with a pair of side tie panties, and an attached retrieval cord so it can be inserted! Another plus is the remote that comes with it vibrates as well so your partner can use it on other erogenous zones for more fun.

Want a toy that is a little more adventurous? Lets talk about the B-vibe Rimming Petite. Despite it being called petite, I wouldn't say it is for beginners. It is remote controlled, has a strong motor, and has small rotating rods that give your sphincter the massage of a life times.

Last toy that I want to talk about is the B-vibe Snug Plug. Now compared to the previous plug, this one is beginner friendly and if for the person who wants to go out and come back home ready for some butt play (which you can read about right here.) The snug plug comes in four sizes so you can choose how full you would like to feel while you are out and about.



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