Bedroom Board Games: Tacky or Spicy? Fun Sex Games?

Bedroom Board Games: Tacky or Spicy? Fun Sex Games?

When you're looking for a new thing to bring into the bedroom, most people think of things like toys or a new lingerie set. However, many just glance over some fantastic game options, thinking that they'll be tacky or awkward to bring up to your partner, when they're anything but! Fun Sex Games, cards, and dice can be a fantastic way to introduce something new to your partner, and try out something for the first time yourself! Let's take a look at some of our favorite options, and see why people love them.

101 Nights of Great Sex

This interactive book with perforated pages is the perfect introduction to bedroom books and games, especially now that it's been updated with 30 new never before seen pages! It's one of our favorite ways to spice up your sex life while still staying in the moment with your partner.

The Position Sex Bible

For those who think they've tried it all or for those who want something new, this book has all you need to open your mind up to some new possibilities--and positions! While it's sure to make you raise your eyebrows at the options, it's worth the read, with 291 positions available in the palm of your hand.

Fifty Days of Play

The perfect rainy day companion game (especially here in Florida), Fifty Days of Play sets out scenarios for you and your partner to fulfill, packaged perfectly in color-coded envelopes ranging in intensity, and a die to help you decide which color to choose tonight. Check out it's companion game, Fifty Shades of Naughtiness, too!

Truth or Dare for Couples

Bite-sized and perfect for travel, Truth or Dare for couples offers 50 cards to keep you and your partner entertained! Pour a glass of wine and let the fun ensue as you get a bit closer to your lover, either physically or emotionally, with the help of these questions.

Let's F*ck! The XXX Sex Game

Our all-time favorite game, this one takes a fun spin on your classic board games and turns a night in into a wild time. Make your way around the board by taking turns spinning it, with the twist that whatever foreplay option you land on, you have to perform on your partner. Sure to leave your partner excited by the end, this game is a wonderful option for those who think of the classics when they hear "bedroom games!"


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