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Water Based vs. Silicone Based Lubricants

If you don't use lubricants, you should. They are not just for women who are experiencing vaginal dryness. One of the most frequently asked questions I get on a daily basis is, "What is the difference between water based and silicone based lubricant?" Well, there are quite a few differences between the two.

Water Based Lubricants

Water based lubes are just that - water based. Their main feature is that they're smooth and slick. Since they're water-soluble, skin and mucous membranes will absorb them. This makes cleanup a breeze, most times there is virtually no clean up because the lubricant absorbs into your skin similar to a moisturizer or lotion. Its solubility also means that you might have to periodically re-apply it, depending on how long you’re busy. This is one of the drawbacks of water based lube, since we all know that in the heat of the moment, an interruption is probably the worst thing that could happen. However, it truly does depend on how long you're getting busy for! Water based lubes have the added advantage of being completely condom compatible, as opposed to oil based lubes that corrode latex. One of the disadvantages is that a lot of lubricants contain some harsh ingredients like glycerin or parabens which can be harmful for women's vaginal ph balance. 

Some of our favorites:

Sliquid Satin Lubricant: Sliquid Satin is not just a lubricant, it is also a vaginal moisturizer created for women who are experiencing frequent or periodic dryness due to menopause, medication etc. Since Sliquid Satin is formulated with Aloe Vera, Carrageenan and Vitamin E, it emulates your bodies own natural lubrication. Like all Sliquid lubricants, it is formulated without glycerin, parabens, DEA or sulfates, vegan friendly and hypoallergenic!! What's not to love?

JO H20 Lubricant: JO H2O Water based Lubricant is made to supplement the bodies own natural moisture. This top selling lubricant is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable glide without getting sticky or tacky!

Intimate Organics Defense Lubricant: Intimate Organics Defense Protection lubricant with sea kelp and guava bark is a premium water based glycerin and paraben free formula. It protects against yeast infections by maintaining healthy micro-flora. Studies have shown that Carageenan, a compound extracted from red algae, may prevent the spread of the Human Papaloma Virus (HPV) which causes Cervical Cancer and Genital Warts. Intimate Organics is formulated without DEA or preservatives and is also vegan and cruelty free!

Silicone Lubricants

One of the best advantages to using silicone lubricants is that they are waterproof. Yes, waterproof, meaning you can use them in the tub without them washing away like water based lubricants do. So, if you're enjoying some playtime in the hot tub or shower, silicone lubricant is perfect! One of the other many uses for silicone lubricant is anal play. Not to say you can't use water based lubricant for anal play, but since the anal area does not self lubricate, it's better to use something extra slippery for the most comfortable experience. Another fun way to incorporate silicone lubricant in the bedroom is by using it as an unscented massage glide! Unfortunately, if you are looking for a lubricant that is compatible with your B.O.B. (Battery Operated Buddy), silicone lubricants will only work with certain materials. For example, anything made of a hard material is usually safe. (i.e, glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, marble etc.) However, most of the softer materials used to make adult toys, like silicone, are not compatible with silicone lubricant. Unfortunately, the molecules found in silicone lubricants mixed with silicone toys will cause the toys material to deteriorate over time. 

Some of our favorites:

Pjur Original Silicone Lubricant: Pjur Silicone Lubricant is by far our best seller and, according to the very prestigious Men's fitness Magazine, is one of the worlds best lubricants. Pjur Silicone also works wonderfully as a unscented massage glide due to its special formula. Pjur is a very reliable source for good long lasting intercourse, as its molecules to not allow it to absorb into the skin; it stays wet and slippery!

Wet Platinum Lubricant: One of our best selling silicone lubricants, Wet Platinum Premium is a concentrated lubricant making it more silky and long lasting. Wet Platinum is one of the few silicone lubricants that is compatible with condoms! Wet Platinum is also formulated without parabens and is now Kosher!


So is one better than the other? We believe that it comes down to what you're looking for in a lubricant and what you're using it for or with. Some women are very sensitive when it comes to what they are putting in and on their bodies, so bare in mind what your needs are when shopping for a lubricant. 


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Lube 101

Want to try lubricant, but not sure where to start? Maybe you've tried lube before and were disappointed with your experience. Whether you’re a first-time user or someone who’s looking to spice things up with the perfect personal lubricant, you’ve come to the right place - We welcome you to the wonderful world of lube!

What exactly is lube?

Personal lubricants contain different ingredients, but the idea is the same -- they’re used to reduce the friction on your moving parts to make sex and masturbation easier and more enjoyable. Why are there so many different kinds of lubes out there? Like condoms and vibrators, different lubes offer different benefits.

Personal lubricants can come in liquid and gel forms, and each formula has a base ingredient that accounts for its unique texture. Let’s take a look at the three main lube bases and what they mean for you:

1.) Water Based Lubricant

Water-based lubricants are by far the most common, and for good reason. They’re water-based, they’re easy to clean up (and to wash out of clothing or sheets). Of course, since pure water is about the most natural ingredient out there, these lubes can also be very gentle and soothing to your skin.
Most water based lubes can be used with condoms without compromising their integrity. They can also be used with toys -- even those made of silicone material. Our most popular and favorite water based lubricant is Sluquid Natural Satin. (It can also be used as a daily vaginal moisturizer.)

2.) Silicone Based Lubricant

Silicone is a material made from alternate chains of silicon (a natural element) and oxygen atoms. It can come in many forms including rubber, resin and oil. Its liquid form is especially effective when used as the main ingredient in personal lubricants.
What makes silicone-based lubes so great? For one, they have a very unique, silky feel that is soothing to the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Silicone is also hypoallergenic, so it’s a great choice for lube users with sensitive skin or allergies. And since these lubes contain mostly silicone instead of water, they often last longer and need to be reapplied less often. A great silicone lubricant we suggest is Pjur Original Concentrated Silicone Lubricant.
Like water based lubes, silicone lubricants are also latex safe and generally toy safe, though you should NOT use them in conjunction with silicone toys as they can break down the material. Silicone + silicone = a bad time!

3.) Hybrid Lubes

What makes hybrid lubes so great? They combine the very best aspects of water and silicone based formulas. With a hybrid lube you get to enjoy the natural feeling of water based lubes while also getting the benefits of a longer lasting silicone formula. There’s no need to have a plethora of lubes -- a hybrid lube formula can pull double duty. Just remember that, like any lube that contains silicone, a hybrid lube can put some wear and tear on your silicone toys, but hybrids are generally safe for use with silicone. We suggest Spunk Hybrid Lube, our best selling hybrid lubricant.

4.) Oil Based Lubes

Some people may prefer the sensation of an oil and oil-based options tend to be easier on skin that is easily irritated. However, if you’re thinking about using an oil-based lube, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

The first is that oil-based lubricants aren’t safe to use with latex condoms. They can make the latex porous or even cause it to rip and tear. Another thing to consider is that oil-based lubes can also be hard to clean off of toys and skin, so be prepared for some extra clean-up afterward. Try Coconu Oil Based Organic Lubricant for a healthy and effective lubricant!


Which type of lube is best for you?

Now that you have a better understanding of diverse lube formulas, you can begin to get an idea of which lube is best for you.

Lube for Alone Time

People who are looking to use lube for solo masturbation have plenty of options. Water based, silicone based, or hybrid lubes can work well, as can liquids and gels. If you’re relying solely on stimulating yourself with your hands, you may opt for a water based liquid lube. Thinking of bringing toys into the bed with you? For toys coated in silicone gel or made with silicone resin, opt for a water based or hybrid lube that won’t cause the surface of your toys to break down. For toys made of other materials, both water and silicone based lubes will work wonders.

Lube for Those In Search of Adventure

Just looking to spice things up in the bedroom by trying something new? You may enjoy using lubes with special benefits. Warming lubricants, for example, produce a gentle warming sensation when it comes in contact with skin. This can increase blood flow and arousal, and can even help you and your partner relax and unwind.

Flavored lubes can also be a fun addition to your routine, especially if oral stimulation plays a major part in your lovemaking. Enjoy the sweet taste of strawberry or chocolate the next time you give your partner some oral love!

Lube for Couples Who Are Trying to Conceive

If you and your partner want to become parents, it's important to know that many personal lubricants create an environment that isn't ideal for sperm to thrive in. Couples who are trying to conceive need to make sure that any lube they use is sperm-friendly like System Jo’s AGAPE` water based lubricant, which is formulated with compatible pH levels and osmolality that is perfectly compatible with the vagina.

Lubricant Isn't Just For Sex

Although sex may be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of lubricants, but they aren’t for intercourse alone. In fact, many women use lube to help ease the discomfort that comes from vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness can occur any time, though it often becomes a problem for menopausal and postmenopausal women who are experiencing changes in their natural hormone levels. We recommend trying System Jo’s Renew Vaginal Moisturizer!