5 Famous Lube Myths, Busted

5 Famous Lube Myths, Busted

#1: Young people/people who can become lubricated naturally, don't need lube.

FALSE! Everyone needs lube! No matter who you are or what you think, you can absolutely benefit from some lubricant. Whether you use it regularly or only use it in certain situations, there is never an excuse to not have some on hand. A longer session can certainly dry up the natural resource, so having some emergency lube lying around is a handy helper in sticky situations like that. Lots of people are unaware that the medications they might be taking can effect their natural ability to lubricate or become aroused.

Especially when trying new things, like a larger internal toy or even anal, you're going to want some lube around. Lube can really ease up the friction between two items, and can allow bigger items to pass through without irritation or tearing (that sounds scary, what I really mean are micro-tears; small microscopic tears in or within the vaginal lining that can cause STIs or other infections. If that still sounds scary, just use some lube and the worry should melt away...)

#2: I am allergic to Silicone Lube.

No you're not. No one is! Silicone Lubricant is a hypoallergenic lubricant, meaning it cannot pass through skin with the osmosity of a water based lubricant. Silicone Lubricant will always stay above the skin, creating a barrier between the item and the skin. Silicone is amazing for anal play, since it completely protects the anal cavity from microtears or discomfort, and allows any kind of material to pass with very minimal friction.

What you might be allergic to is latex - in the past few years, latex companies have been doing away with an additive in their products called paraben. While plenty of people have had reactions to latex, only 2-6% of people are allergic to the actual, natural ingredient latex rubber. Almost all other cases are those related to the paraben still being added into products like gloves, toys, erasers, balloons, rubber bands and some water bottles.

#3: All Lube is the Same.

While, yes, all lube is lube, not all lube is good lube and not all lube is the same lube. There are water based lubes, hybrid lubes, silicone lubes, oil lubes, CBD lubes, natural lubes, flavored lubes, the list is virtually endless. Water based lubes are the most common, with flavored lubes following close behind since flavored lubricants are almost always water based. Silicone lubricants are also very popular since they're waterproof and are your best friend when trying to get frisky in the shower. Hybrid lubricants are a mixture between water and silicone and can have a silky texture or a texture closer to silicone, depending on the brand. Oil-based lubricants are usually masturbation creams, but can be used for intercourse. Though it isn't recommended, especially not if you're using a condom. Oil based lubricants can react with condoms and break down the material, making the condom susceptible to breaking. CBD lubricants are really great for discomfort. Since CBD is an anti-inflammatory, CBD lube like Knob Polish and Bella Lube are amazing to try. Instead of a desensitizing cream for anal, try CBD! And lastly, I wanted to mention Natural Lubricants. These days, everyone loves an organic lube! And there are a lot more lubes out there today that claim "natural" without backing it up. A natural or organic lubricant will consist of ingredients such as plant cellulose, carrageenan, Aloe, Vitamin E, and other natural indigents. An organic lubricant will NOT consist of ingredients such as Proplyene Glycol, Glycerin, Dimethicone or Dimethiconol (two main ingredients in Silicone Lube).

#4: You NEED to use lube - there are NO substitutes.

Did you know! That Aloe Vera, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil can be used as lube in a pinch? You don't have to stick to lube! As scary and unsafe as it is to put foreign things in your body, these three substances are safe to use as lube if you need it now. Obviously this is for those "it's now or never" times in the kitchen, but it's a good way to lube up without worrying about what it is you're using. And no Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument.

#5: That Lube is for MEN ONLY, and that Lube is for WOMEN ONLY.

Lube has no gender, and there really aren't any MENS' lube and WOMENS' lube. Lube can just be used by anyone! Certain topicals like desensitizing creams and clitoral stimulants are intended for either gender to use them, but those are different than lubricants. Silicone, hybrid, water, and flavored lubricants can be used by any gender! Lots of brands like to Gender Package certain products to promote that it is, in fact, for a man or a woman, when in reality that company is just trying to appeal to a certain demographic! Lube is lube, and lube should be used by everyone!


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