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Ultimate Dirty MindsUltimate Dirty Minds
$ 29.99

Product Details

The Ultimate Board Game for Adults

After two decades of the entertaining Dirty Minds guessing game comes The Ultimate Edition of Dirty Minds containing four categories of relatively innocent material that only a dirty mind can make naughty.


There are still the hilarious Dirty Clues but add to them Dirty Deeds, which sound like naughty little stories but they’re about completely innocent things. Dirty Lies contains simple facts of interest to adults… along with two ways to lie about them and Dirty Secrets are tasty little tidbits from your very own personal experiences. Players must decide whether to tell the truth or lie about them.


The Ultimate Edition of Dirty Minds is a provocative stimulant to mature adult conversation that is bound to make any adult get-together memorable for years.

The Ultimate Dirty Minds Game.

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