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Hot Sex,Tips,Tricks and Licks BookHot Sex,Tips,Tricks and Licks Book
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The Hot Sex,Tips,Tricks and Licks Book:

Mind blowing sex isn't just about intercourse"”it is about titillating all of the body's hot spots and erogenous zones to peak arousal and build amazing orgasms. Hot Sex Tips, Tricks and Licks teaches readers how to use their hands, fingers, and tongue to build and prolong arousal, control ejaculation, and give their partner (and themselves) incredible orgasms. In these pages, you'll learn: Fingering techniques that will take her over the edge, Hand-job tricks that will leave him breathless, Amazing anal play for both him and her, and Sensual massage techniques to build and prolong ecstasy. Paperback, 144 pages.

The Hot Sex,Tips,Tricks and Licks Book.

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