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Intimates Adult Boutique

Welcome to Intimates Boutique - A trusted Adult Retailer

Our Story

Intimates Adult Boutique has been in the Naples area for over 40 years and counting! We are a locally owned, family operated, and LGBTQ friendly intimacy store. We are a premier intimacy enhancing adult retailer with a huge belief in self pleasure. We carry high quality sex toys with competitive pricing. Intimates Boutique offers a safe, well lit, and comfortable atmosphere for anyone looking to enhance their time in the bedroom. All of our staff members are sexual health experts with certification from SHIP. Intimates Boutique has been inspired by all of the walks of life who have visited us for over 4 decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet the Intimates' Team

  • Tim - Owner (He/Him)

    Tim has been running Intimate's Boutique for 20+ years, and his parents owned the business before him! He has a wealth of knowledge about how sex toys have evolved over the years, and is up to date on all the latest and greatest on the market.

    Fun Fact: He's quite the history buff - he'll talk about it for hours if you let him!

  • Sonia - Store Manager (She/Her)

    Sonia has been with the company for over 10 years now! She's one of the main backbones of the company, handling everything from vendors, to customers, to classes - anything she can do to help the store run smoothly.

    Fun Fact: She's an absolute plant mom - we've lost count of how many different plants she has (and she's probably lost count too!)

  • Harvey - ASM (They/He)

    Harvey has been working with us for over 5 years. He excels in customer relations, and prides himself on helping customers find the right product that works for them - and won't hesitate to say if a certain item didn't work for him if he's tried it.

    Fun Fact: He's currently in college for Social/Behavioral Sciences, and is planning on going into the Funeral Services industry as well!