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Remote Control Sex Toys

Remote Control Sex Toys

These days there’s an app for everything. There’s one for that too. Now there is apps for sex play. App Based/Remote Control toys can be anywhere and still treat your partner to fun. Go ahead, let him have the control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are app based remote control toys?
What is a bluetooth or app-controlled sex toy?
It is exactly what it sounds like, and it is a sex toy that can be controlled through an app on your phone. The fact that you can run this through an app breaks down the distance barriers that most remote control sex toys are restrained by. Another great thing about these type of toys, it usually allows you for more precise control when using the phone as a remote.
How are these types of sex toys used with a partner?
One of the best things about these type of toys is that your partner can control how much, and the type of vibration that you are receiving. That can be great for kinky play out of the bedroom and when you’re in it in a long-distance relationship.
Are there Bluetooth sex toys for penis-owners?
There are more Bluetooth app base sex toys for people with penises now than ever before. Most sex toys are rings that vibrate and are worn throughout the day. There are also masturbators with Bluetooth ability, and the same toys will have female counterparts that work together with their male counterparts.

Picture one night that you were in a restaurant with your partner. You're wearing the app-based toy, and your partner has control. This gives you a fun surprise and can also be a great way to experiment with some power dynamics. Another great thing about these type of toys, when used properly, can be great foreplay items before you ever get home to actually have sex.
Do app-based toys work from anywhere?
You would still need to be in range for the Bluetooth to work with your phone. So there are limitations to how these sex toys work. That being said, the Bluetooth range for these toys can be unlimited. No limitation
fro state to state or even a different country. They are making
long-distance relationships better.

What are some of the best Bluetooth sex toy brands?

We would suggest the brand
We-Vibe, one of the first to use Bluetooth technology with a sex toy, it is also considered to be one of the highest quality brands on the market. The second choice would be Satisfyer, we do find that the app does not work as well as the We Connect app from We-Vibe.

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