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Why Own Different Sized Dildos

Why Own Different Sized Dildos
Why Different Sized Dildos
Have you ever wondered why in adult stores, they carry so many types of dildos. there are many reasons such as price, material or size. So why are there so many sizes. It's because one dildo does not cover all the bases. In this blog we will go over what are to best dildos for certain uses.  Whats the best dildos for anal, harnesses and putting on a show for your partners.

Dildo Size Guide – How to Get the Right Length and Width: A Visual Guide

Dildos come in every size from your average Joe to porn star Giant's. The selection can be overwhelming but don’t worry, Betty is here to help you pick the perfect one for you.

1. How to Judge the Length of a Dildo

If you consider that the average erect penis is 5.16 inches in length, most of these dildos may seem very large by comparison... but how big is too big?

The folks at Pipedream products know how to create a visual. Here are some of their most popular dildos, the King Cock line, put up against an average soda can

 2. How to Judge the Width of a Dildo


A general rule of thumb is that the longer the dildo, the thicker it's going to be. Remember, width is across the widest part. To estimate the distance around (circumference or girth) see the chart below.

WIDTH                      APPROXIMATE GIRTH

1 INCH                       3 TO 3.5 INCHES

1.25 INCHES             3.75 TO 4 INCHES

1.5 INCHES               4.5 TO 4.75 INCHES  

** Average erect penis size **

1.75 INCHES             5 TO 5.5 INCHES

2 INCHES                  5.5 TO 6.75 INCHES

2.5 INCHES               7 TO 7.75 INCHES

3 INCHES                  8 TO 8.5 INCHES

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- Smaller Dildos

- Large Dildos

Best Dildos for Anal Play

Anal dildos are usually about size, more so than materials. new users will most likely lean towards the smaller size, just so they can accommodate without causing too much discomfort. There are also shapes of dildos that are more geared towards pegging. Which has gained much popularity over the last few years. Pegging is the act where the girl penetrates the man with a dildo. There is a couple of brands that use a spongy/super soft material, which sometimes help in making anal play more pleasurable. We recommend the Fleshstixxx line or Squeeze Dildos. Both are the latest in dildo materials.

Best Dildo for Harnesses

Really any dildo that has a flange will work with most harnesses. The main thing your shopping for is material and size. The material will change the feel and function of the dildo. Rubber and some Gel dildos are usually a little firmer than most materials and for anal or when the receiver struggles with self lubrication. Because of the firmness, that allows less resistance when going in and out. Silicone dildos can be from softer to hard in feel, although most lean towards the softer and more like a penis in feel. the other great thing about silicone is there is almost no allergic reactions, so even the most sensitive person can use this material. So what is the most important part to buying the right dildo? Excluding it having a flange, the most important thing is you purchase the size and the texture you would like inside you. Which size and material will feel the best to you. A suction cup dildo is also great for placing on a chair and giving a little show. Remember men are more visual so they enjoy if you give a little show.

Best Dildos for Pegging

This is usually picked by the receiver of this kind of sexual pleasure. Any size or shape of Dildo will work, but a thinner curved dildo is what is best suited for this act. This would be more comfortable for a beginner and if placed properly, the prostate could be massaged which a completely different type of orgasm for men. We also suggest a smooth texture instead of a more realistic dildo. The other reminder is use a proper lubricant for this king of sex. We suggest a hybrid because it is toy friendly but stays slicker than regular water base lubricants.
Curved Dildo

Best Anal Dildos

Like most dildos any size will work, well maybe not any size. the absolute most important thing about any anal toy is a flange at the base. This is to prevent any issues with the anal dildo going in too far. Some materials are better than others for anal play. Metal and glass will slide the easiest, but they also make certain silicone dildos that are firm and smooth, for easier insertion. Again, a toy with a curve could be used for prostate play with men as well.


Not everyone's body are built the same, not everyone's sexual desires are the same. So for this reason alone you should own multiple dildos depending on what your trying to achieve sexually. So in building the perfect toy chest, don't forget to have dildos for every occasion. Sex is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. just be smart in your you choices so you get your maximum pleasure out of each purchase.

Written by Tim Sizemore

Owner, Operator and Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

Have been owner of Intimates Boutique for 20 years. I am certified in sexual education and sex toy expert. Sharing my knowledge is one of my biggest passions. Hope you enjoy the information.







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