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What's the Hype Around the Femme Funn Rora? - A Review

What's the Hype Around the Femme Funn Rora? - A Review

Wilbur |


Internal rotation outside of rabbit style toys is finally here, and Femme Funn is leading this sex toy revolution in style with their new vibrator, the Rora. So, what's the deal with this new toy? What makes it different from others? Let's break down the Rora and talk about what makes this toy worth the money, and worth it's place in your nightstand.

Is it the best option to stimulate the g-spot? - RORA


Though it's called a bullet vibrator, the Rora is the perfect match if you like g-spot stimulation. Its liquid silicone outside is soft and squishy to the touch, which makes it feel like a dream when used internally with a bit of lubricant. With each vibration speed, the internal rotation speeds up as well, so you don't have to worry about controlling those independently!

The Rora offers 3 standard vibration speeds, and then 5 vibration patterns, so no matter whether you prefer a constant buzz or a bit of variety, this toy has you covered. Plus, I can't forget Femme Funn's signature "turbo mode," which they've now made even longer for the Rora!

Under the power button is a lightning bolt button, which when clicked, activates the turbo mode. It's made to be used to get you over the edge, and clicking it sets the toy to its top speed for a whopping 10 seconds--and with the Rora being 100% waterproof due to its magnetic charger, you don't have to worry about getting too excited while you're having fun.

 What makes the Femme Funn Rora different from the others?

The Rora is definitely a toy that's like no other, in my opinion. Femme Funn has a couple other internal rotation vibrators (nudge, the Booster Rabbit, and we've even included Kinkly's review on it so you can hear their thoughts), but all of them are your standard rabbit-style toys, and let's be honest: not everyone wants another rabbit toy in their nightstand.

Though I love the idea of getting internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time, I find myself shying away from rabbit toys due to how anatomy dependent they can be; aka, if your clitoris isn't positioned in the perfect spot, it won't work as well for you. I'd rather just opt for my favorite clitoral vibrator and a good vibrating dildo at the end of the day.

But the Rora changes the game for me--it's small enough that you can use it as a clitoral vibrator if that's what you need, and it's not so loud or bulky that it makes me want to go with something different.

Is it worth having a powerful vibrator like this?

Honestly, I think that Femme Funn's Rora is worth the hype. As a consumer, I love that the motor in the end of the toy doesn't feel dinky, or like it would jam up like some other toys do, and I feel better knowing that if anything happens to the toy, Femme Fun does offer a 1-year warranty. I've never been disappointed by this brand's toys and their quality, and that holds true with this newest addition to their product line; nevermind that I also love their Shaft dildos and Luv Inc more boutique-y toys.

For them being a reasonable price point, their functionality and quality are comparable to high-end toys, which is absolutely appealing to me as a consumer. So, if you find that you also tend to shy away from rabbit toys, but you love that internal vibration and rotation, the Rora is definitely for you! Pick it up for yourself here, and experience the mind-blowing 360 rotation for yourself--it's sure to not disappoint.