Top 5 Men's Toys

Top 5 Men's Toys

Men's toys are slowly evolving and getting better and better. I am going to show you a few toys that have really tickled our fancy and may tickle you as well!

The first toy that I am going to mention, and my favorite, is the Fun Factory Manta. This is basically the men's equivalent to a wand. What makes it great is that it lets your imagination roam. You can use it solo play or even during foreplay with a partner for oral. Fun Factory toys are among our favorites because they have strong motors that are sure to please.

Fun Factory Manta

Tenga is another brand that we love here. Their masturbators are the coolest. Each model is different for the last. The squishy material mixed with the right kind of lube makes for an amazing experience. My personal favorite is the Flip Hole Zero White. Every inch of the inside of this toy is full of surprises.

If you are looking for something that is good to use with a partner, the VeDO Roq is our pick for a cock ring. The motor is powerful and has deep, rumbly vibration. Its solid design is perfect for your partner to grind on for extra stimulation.

Ever wonder about prostate play? The Renegade Revive is your guy. Not only is it perfect for direct prostate stimulation, it also has a bulb on the outside that hits the perineum nerve in the taint area that give extra external and indirect prostate stimulation. 

Renegade Revive Prostate Massager Black

Last but not least, another amazing stroker. Now this one is different than the traditional because it does the job for you. The Zolo Zeppelin automates the act just a bit. It has rotating beads on the inside covered by a nice soft sleeve. Another plus side is this thing looks like it is straight out of a science fiction movie.

Zolo Zeppelin

Written by Charlie

Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

I have been a certified sexual health expert here since November 2018. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and even learning some more along the way!



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