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The Womanizer vs The Satisfyer

The Womanizer vs The Satisfyer

Sonia Williams |

The Womanizer, arguably one of the best Clitoral Toys ever now has a contender. Of course whenever an "IT" toy comes out shortly after you will see copycat products flood the web. So then came The Satisfyer and it became quite clear that the question on everyone's mind would be "whats the difference between them"? Me, myself and I wanted to know! So naturally I had to do the dirty work of trying them out, if you can consider that dirty work.

The Womanizer

The Womanizer was a "WOW" toy when it came out. There was nothing like it on the market thus far and so it quickly became the toy we absolutely had to check out! When I first saw the Womanizer I instantly compared it to a facial cleansing device. I will admit that my initial thought of The Womanizer was that it was one of those products that claims to do this and that but was more hyped up than it should have been. That teaches me for judging a book by its cover. When we first got it in I was surprised by how light it was. I'm not sure why I was expecting a heavy, obtuse product. I would like to say that looks do not matter but I think that a lot of people get excited by how a product looks and the Womanizer was no exception. Maybe it's just me but I get excited when I take a new product out of its packaging the Womanizer is so pretty I was almost convinced to buy it based off of looks alone. The reputation for the Womanizer was so BIG if it did not deliver I was going to be so disappointed, so needless to say I had built up some pretty high expectations. Most people looking for a vibrator will turn it on and feel the intensity in their hands or put it to the tip of their nose to indicate just how powerful that toy is going to feel on the Nether Regions. Since the Womanizer is no ordinary vibrator it is a little difficult to imagine just how this sucker (no pun intended) is going to feel. So when you open the packaging you will notice that inside there is a pink Zippered box. The box houses all of your contents, it comes with a charger that plugs directly into the Womanizer on one end and a USB adapter on the other end, a second silicone head and a user manual. The Womanizer has two different buttons the ON button and the Giant Diamond button that scrolls through your 5 intensity levels. When you turn on the Womanizer you will see a red light turn on inside of the air chamber which I suppose is super convenient if your trying to locate it in the dark? I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet it was which for some people is not a big deal but for me turning on a toy and it sounding like its about to lift off is a turn off. The Womanizer also comes with a very generous two year warranty which if you would like to utilize I highly recommend keeping your packaging and receipt because you never know when a company is going to require some sort of proof of purchase and your better off safe than sorry.


The Satisfyer

The Satisfyer firstly does not have as high of a price tag as the Womanizer does which for a lot of people is a selling point all in its own. That being said the Satisfyer also does not come with any kind of Warranty which to me is a bit of a bummer. The Satisfyer is a more gender neutral choice as opposed to the more girly prints and hues of the Womanizer so if bling and various leopard prints don't appeal to you then the Satisfyer might be the way to go. There are 11 different intensity levels on this bad boy which takes you from "Woah" to "Wow" in seconds. The play time is approximately 30 minutes on high. The Satisfyer includes a magnetic charger that plugs into a USB outlet on one end and clicks onto the bottom of the toy on the other when it needs to be revived.

I would highly recommend comparing these two in person. There are definitely quite a few similarities between the Womanizer and the Satisfyer as well as some differences. The question is which one is right for you?