The Five best Toys under $50

The Five best Toys under $50

It's typical to walk into an adult boutique and think "woah $200 for a vibrator," even more so if you are buying your first toy, it can be a little daunting. But do not worry because we have you covered for any price point. These are my personal top picks for Best toys under $50, quality that doesn't break the bank!

Satisfyer Love Breeze:


The Satisfyer Love Breeze is a rechargeable Air Pulsation toy that is perfect for someone who has never tried the Air Pulsation technology before but doesn't want to spend 100 plus dollars to try something new. The Love Breeze is small so perfect for an overnight bag or a trip somewhere. Fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so also great to use during intercourse. This little air pulsation toy is also completely waterproof making it your adult version of a rubber ducky!

Pillow Talk Flirty:

Personally one of my favorite little clitoral vibrators. It's a basic bullet but with a lot more power and without the hassle of batteries. The Flirty comes with a rechargeable battery and is insanely quiet for anyone who has a roommate or children in the house. Made in a silky smooth Silicone finish and has a little flexibility towards the tip, making it a lot more comfortable to hit your erogenous zones just right. If your looking for something simple the Flirty is your guy, one button to control your speeds and functions, waterproof, rechargeable and comes with a highly convenient travel lock!!

VeDO Roq:

I wanted to be sure to add a quality couples toy to the list that also met the price point and the only one I could think that checked all of the boxes was the Vedo Roq. We have talked about this toy in numerous blog posts, newsletters, in classes and on social media, It really is our best selling vibrating penis ring. I can't say enough good things about the Vedo Brand in general really, they just get it right on point every time they release a new toy and the Roq is no exception. Made fully of Silicone which makes it comfortable for the person wearing it and the receiving person as well. What I really love is that it has a really strong and deep vibration, and the vibration surface is a little larger than your typical vibrating penis ring, making it a lot easier for the receiving person to find that sweet spot. Ten Vibration modes, fully submersible, 100% silicone, rechargeable, travel lock mode and all at the push of ONE button!

Addiction Tom:

Review: BMS Factory Addiction Tom Affordable "Dragon" Dildo • Phallophile  Reviews

Seven inches of high grade silicone in a beautiful ribbed Hot Pink Dildo. This Dildo is honestly so fun and satisfying to squeeze, its such a soft and pliable silicone, the quality for the price point is amazing. It is compatible with most harnesses and comes with a bonus little bullet to tuck into the front of a harness for clitoral stimulation. But it also has a powerful suction cup to attach to any flat surface like a shower wall, the bottom of your bathtub or a wooden chair and ride solo. The Addiction line includes multiple other sizes, textures and colors to meet anyone's personal preference. 

Vedo Bump:

VeDO Bump - YouTube

Big surprise, another Vedo toy being mentioned in this blog but honestly such a great quality brand for the value. The Vedo Bump is actually our best selling vibrating butt plug. It's under $50 but comes with everything you would expect from a Luxury toy line. Its rechargeable, submersible, 100% silicone, deep vibration and the quality is right up there with the luxury toy brands. I think this is a perfect beginners butt plug, its tapered, it starts off smaller at the tip and gradually gets a little bigger at the bottom to work your way up to accommodating a larger size. This is a vibrating butt plug, but whats nice is that you don't have to turn on the vibration if you just want penetration, or if your using this on a more experienced user, you can surprise your partner by suddenly turning on the vibration during sensory play to spice things up!


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