The Do's, Don'ts, & Myths When Visiting an Adult Store

The Do's, Don'ts, & Myths When Visiting an Adult Store

Sex culture is changing. And fast! Both men and women of all ages are becoming more open when talking about sex and are becoming more understanding that everyone does it! With that being said, you might still blush when thinking about entering an adult store... And that's okay! Everyone's first time can be sort of intimidating. Here at Intimates Adult Boutique we want all of our customers to feel welcome and comfortable. So lets start by busting some myths!

Sex Store Myths

-All sex shops are sleazy.

Well, no. They're not. The same way every person in the world has a different personality, every adult store has a personality of its own. Here at Intimates Boutique, we strive to keep a clean, well-lit, and professional atmosphere. Mainstream media might have you believing that walking into an adult store means walking into a store full of strange people involved in strange things, when that is simply not true. Our most common clientele happens to be middle aged women looking to buy for themselves or to use with their partner. Our staff's main goal is to educate you as a customer on all your options so that you are able to pick the best toy for YOU. You won't be running into any grumpy counter clerks here as we all very much love being able to help our customers so that they can leave our store feeling happy and satisfied with their purchase!

-Sex Shops are only for young adults

Wrong. Adult stores are for adults of all ages. In fact we have more middle aged to elderly customers than we do younger customers. We encourage adults of all ages to explore and to try new things in their sex lives! We have elderly couples that come in still trying to "spice things up" after 50 years of marriage, to single middle aged people that have tragically lost their partners, looking to find themselves again, middle aged women that come in for their very first sex toy, to younger adults looking to add something new to their relationship. There is no rule book anywhere that says one has to stop caring for or trying to improve their sex life at a certain age.

-The staff will judge you

Our job is to make sure that from the moment you walk through our door here at Intimates Boutique, you are greeted by a knowledgeable staff member who can listen and help with any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have about improving your sex life. This means that we are 100% open minded and understanding of anything that may bring you into the store. We are pretty desensitized to anything that you may think is too kinky or too embarrassing. We have heard it all before and are here to help you.

-You might see someone you know... And it will be humiliating!

Okay, so this one is half true. You might see someone you know. BUT, you are both here for the same reason.We try to normalize sex as much as possible, because everyone does it! And its important to remember that there is no shame in that. So if you run into your boss or your brothers wife or some sort of distant cousin, try to remember that they are in the store for the same reason that you are... to improve your sex life!

-All sex toys are expensive

So this one isn't necessarily all true! Although, better quality sex toys can be a bit pricey, not all sex toys are break the bank! If you are a beginner looking to try a toy for the first time, you may not want to dive into a huge investment because you may not like it. That's fine! Staff members here at Intimates Boutique will always be completely transparent with you on the quality of the toys sold in our store. We understand not wanting to spend a lot of money on your first toy but we also want you to get something that is not only great quality but fits your specific needs! Try to think of it like buying your groceries. Spending more money on better quality items will pay off in the long run!

-You might shock a sex toy sales assistant

See above where I mentioned how we are completely desensitized to anything that you may think is too kinky or too embarrassing or even shocking! There is nothing that we haven't heard before and as I previously stated, we don't judge. We are trained professionals there to help you! If we scared easily, we wouldn't be in the line of work that we are in.

Do's & Don'ts

When shopping for someone else:

DON'T - Assume. Don't come into an adult store to shop for someone else, whether its your partner or a friend, and assume that the person you're shopping for is interested in the same thing that you are interested in! Different strokes for different folks!
DO -  Try to learn a bit about the persons sexual preferences! Communicate with them about what they like and don't like. And if its a gift or a surprise someone, sometimes a gift card is the best route!

Asking Questions:

DON'T - Beat around the bush or be afraid to ask staff questions! We can't help you find the best toy for you if we don't know what you like or what you are looking for!
DO - Ask as many questions as you need to! Be honest and upfront about what you're looking for, the staff is not there to judge you, they're there to help you!

When shopping for yourself:

DON'T - Settle for a toy just because it is cheaper! A lot of the time in the adult toy industry, cheaper literally means CHEAPER. As in cheaply made. You have to think about sex toys the same way you think about food. Paying more for the healthy organic spinach over the dollar menu burger is always better in the long run.
DO - Research. Look into some higher end and better quality sex toys. Yes, their price tags might be a bit higher. However, they are almost always made out of better body safe materials, have deeper and more intense vibrations, and they tend to last you much longer than just a few months.
Visiting an Adult Store isn't as scary as you might think! But don't just take my word for it... Stop into Intimates Adult Boutique and let us prove it to you!

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