Steak and BJ Day - His Favorite Day of the Year

Steak and BJ Day - His Favorite Day of the Year
There are many days that men love. Super Bowl Sunday, His Birthday or even his wedding day. As a man I get down right giddy for Steak and Blowjob Day. Steak is delicious but getting that special attention (BJ) from your lover is truly a day to celebrate. So let's find ways to make Steak and Bj day the best day of the year.
Here are 5 ideas for a fun and sexy Steak and BJ Day. I mean, who doesn't love oral fun. Lets plan out a perfect Steak and BJ Day.

Blowjob Bell

Let's not send mixed messages to what this day is about....Blowjobs! So why not have a bell he can ring when he wants you to do oral on him. No more mixed messages, confusion or is he in the mood(Hint, were always in the mood for oral.)
Just reach over and give the bell a tap. He will love the attention!

Helping Hand

Another thing that we suggest is an short stroker that can be used when giving head. These strokers are usually a couple of inches long with openings on both ends of the toys. This makes them perfect for stroking as you give oral. Oral is already great, but this makes it even better.

Flavored Lube

Flavored lube are a great way to incorporate something tasty to oral or and sexual play. The lubricant side can help slick up the penis so your hands become an important part of the BJ act. So don't be afraid to use plenty of lube with your favorite flavor and dazzle him with your skills

 Deeply Love You Oral Spray

Numb and relax your throat with this spray that makes oral more enjoyable. If you're excited and eager to deep throat, but want a little help, this spray will help you take it all in, and add a sweet flavor boost to blowjobs.
Great for beginners to experts
Great flavors
  - Butter Rum
  - Chocolate Coconut
  - Chocolate Mint
  - Cinnamon Roll
  - Salted Caramel
Good for those experimenting with deepthroating
Slightly numbs the back of the throat

Oral Sex Games

This game will tease and tantalise you as you make your way around the board, giving and receiving oral in almost every way imaginable. Each symbol relates to a naughty category on the game guide which will take you on a journey of peach-eating and sword-swallowing. Giggle and Gargle your way through fun trivia and saucy actions that will have you screaming to reach square 69! Exercise your mouth around the board, kissing, licking and sucking your way to a blissful finish, where the pleasure is all yours…

  • 1 x Oral Fun Board
  • 1 x Game Guide
  • 2 x Counters
  • 20 x Oral Fun Trivia Cards
  • 1 x Die


We hope these ideas help you have a fantastic Steak and Blowjob Day.

Whether its a game or lotion.

We wish you a fantastic Day









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