Tips for the Best Shower Sex

Tips for the Best Shower Sex

I'm sure we've all witnessed a steamy shower scene in a movie that made you say, "I want to try that!" Although shower sex in movies is way too perfect and extremely unrealistic, you can definitely have some fun in the shower as well! So whether you've already tried to have shower sex and it turned out awkward as can be or you've been thinking about trying it for the first time, here's some tips and tricks that can help make your experience, the best one!


Spontaneous shower sex is super fun, but it is just not practical. Preparation is the key to success when it comes to having sex in the shower! So I'll tell you exactly what I mean by preparation. You need something to grab onto, some kind of bath mat that offers grip, and lubrication!

1. Setting the Mood

Setting the mood can be a great place to start because lets be realistic... sometimes your bathroom isn't the most sexy place. Try Lighting some candles in your bathroom or using an essential oil diffuser for a nice scent! Make a sexy playlist so you can hear songs that set the mood perfectly! Use some edible lube. Its okay to get messy in the shower!

2. Staying Balanced

Trying to keep your balance in the shower even when you're taking a regular shower is hard enough. Make sure you have a wall that you can press yourself against, or a sturdy enough hand rail that will keep you from falling, because not only is getting injured never fun, its a total mood killer! Plus its going to be pretty hard to explain that injury! If you have a shower seat, take advantage of it! Have your partner sit on the chair while you get on top or vice versa! Its much easier and safer than trying to have stand up sex on a slippery floor! Speaking of slippery floors...

3. Get a Grip

Investing in a cheap rubber bath mat will make a huge difference! You will be more successful in different positions with a bath mat because of how much grip you will actually have! Especially if you're going to incorporate lubrication in your play time (which you should!) that will make your bare bathtub or shower floor extremely slippery.

4. Things that Slip and Slide

I'm talking about lubricant. Yes. You need it... even in the shower! Lets start off with me begging you to please never use soap as lube in the shower! Whether you have a vagina or a penis, do NOT use soap! Soap is extremely harmful to our genitals and should never even be used to wash down there, let alone as a lube! However water alone is not slippery enough to help when having penetrative sex in the shower. What you need is a good silicone lubricant! Silicone lube creates a slippery layer over the skin that can not be washed off unless it is scrubbed off of our bodies. We recommend Pjur Silicone Lubricant. However if you are going to be using a silicone toy in the shower you cannot use a silicone lube with a silicone toy as it will harm the material of your toy. Instead find a great quality hybrid lubricant, such as Spunk. A hybrid lube is a mixture of water-based and silicone, allowing it to last in water similar to 100% silicone lubricant does. You might have to reapply it once but it should last you a fairly long time!

5. Toys, Toys, & More Toys!

Lets start off by saying there is a huge difference between "waterproof" and "submersible"! Waterproof 9 times out of 10 means that it is okay to use with lubricant or to be cleaned with water but it is not okay to put under water. Even splashing it in the shower can accidentally ruin your toy, so it is very important to make sure your toy is 100% water safe! Submersible means that your toy can be brought into the bathtub safely and continue to work while being completely submerged in water. Any toy that doesn't vibrate should be safe to use in water unless the user manual states otherwise.

Suction Cup Dildos: If you're doing any type of solo play, a suction cup dildo is must-have for shower play! Its as easy as using the suction cup base to stick it to the wall and back up onto it or sticking it to the floor and riding it. Our favorite suction cup dildos here at Intimates Boutique, would be the Avant Dildos!

Cock Rings: The Vedo Frisky Bunny is a splash proof (shower only) vibrating cockring! That can be worn on the penis during intercourse. Its vibrating head can also provide stimulation to the clitoris if placed on top or stimulation to the testicles if placed on the bottom.


Clitoral toys: The Eva II by Dame! This is 100% one of my favorite toys. This hands free clitoral vibrator has two wings that tuck under the labia allowing it to vibrate on your clitoris without having to hold it in place! This makes it super convenient for shower sex too as things tend to get slippery in the shower and you don't have to worry about keeping a grip on it.


6. Positions

The most common way to have sex in the shower is for the receiver to bend over while the giver enters from behind. The receiver can steady themselves on the wall or a hand rail. Another position that can be easily done based on how much room one has in their shower is someone laying on the shower floor and the other person riding on top of their partner, which is called the cowgirl. The cowgirl is a safe shower position as there's no way for anyone to slip and fall. The next position is known as the wrap around. I suggest only using this position if you have a floor mat in your shower as the receiver has to stand on only one leg. The receiver puts their back against a wall and either holds one leg up or the giver can hold their leg up for them.

7. When in Doubt, Stick to Foreplay!

If having penetrative intercourse is a bit challenging for you and your partner in the shower, its okay to stick to foreplay! Foreplay in the shower is so much fun mainly because you don't have to worry about making a mess! Pour out lots of lube onto you and your partner and get yourselves slippery! You can then proceed to give your partner a hand job or finger your partner. If you're really dedicated you can get down on your knees and perform oral on your partner. There's no reason why you cant just settle for foreplay in the shower instead of a full on sex session!

8. Know When to Call it Quits!

Like I said before, shower sex is super fun but it can also be awkward! So, if you find yourself struggling to get into positions or keep your balance, its okay to step back and say "This isn't working for me." The most important thing is that you and your partner are comfortable and safe! Then its a good time for everyone!



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