Pheromone Fragrances: TikTok's Newest Obsession

Pheromone Fragrances: TikTok's Newest Obsession

Back in December, TikTok found another thing to blow up in popularity, introducing millions to something they'd never tried before: pheromone perfumes and colognes, specifically the Pure Instinct Original. This obsession raised a question in everyone's head, though: do pheromone perfumes and colognes even work? One user posted their experience with Pure Instinct; check the Youtube Short below to see how it affected her and her partner.



Of course, just because it worked for one person doesn't mean it works for everyone, but here at the Boutique, we have customers coming in every day who swear by pheromone fragrances. I personally wear a pheromone cologne when I work, but primarily because I like the smell of it more than anything, so even if you're not looking for any bonus side effects and just want something to make you smell great throughout the day, most pheromone fragrances are a fantastic option!





So, what are some of the best options? While the Pure Instinct True Blue is a more unisex pheromone oil, they also make a For Him option and a For Her option! The For Him oil has more of a woodsy scent, and is bound to turn heads when you wear it. I personally wear the Eye of Love Confidence cologne, which we unfortunately don't sell online, but if you're local, you can stop in to check out our tester of it! On the other hand, the For Her oil is a bit of a lighter vanilla sandalwood scent, made to make you the center of attention as soon as someone gets close.


Outside of fragrances, there are now massage oils and candles that are infused with pheromones. Our favorite is the Dona brand kissable massage oils, which will be available to ship from our website at the end of May, but if you're impatient, you can try their massage oils out for yourself by picking up a few in person! Dona also has a pheromone and aphrodisiac-infused massage lotion coming out around the same time!


Pheromone oils are a great boost of confidence for the wearer, and are bound to make sure that you smell as good as you look! These are a perfect option for date night or going out, and if you get a free drink or two out of it or hit it off with someone new, then that's an added bonus! Plus, the pheromone fun doesn't have to end when your date does; light up some pheromone-infused candles when you're in the mood, and see what happens. If you don't believe that pheromone products work, then I recommend trying it at least once and see if you garner more attention when you wear it; who knows, it might become a staple in your daily routine!


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