Penetration, all on your own

Penetration, all on your own

Obviously Clitoral Masturbation is a bit easier to master but what about self penetration? That's where things get a little bit more complicated. Between slippery "OOPS" moments to okay my arms are just not that long... We have some tips to help you become a self penetration expert!

Pick your Poison:

I know this is an obvious statement but there are thousands of dildos on the market, how the hell do you choose? Between Glass, Silicone, Stainless Steal. Crystal, Cyberskin etc... how do you choose whats right for you? To be honest, this may be a bit of a quest, a quest in the name of science and sex, you may not know what works best for you until you try, which may mean trying a couple of different styles until you find the right one. Toys and especially vibrating toys are constantly changing and evolving, there are ones that do all of the work for you like machines and oscillators, G-spot, thrusting and so much more. 

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Tips & Tricks:

It may sound pretty easy but self penetration can be tricky on your own. Some of us have shorter arms that don't allow us to properly reach for easy self penetration, or obstacles like a pregnant belly to navigate around, or curves that limit our range of movement or maybe you aren't able to keep the speed or rhythm as fast or slow as we want using your hands. If this is your struggle then a helpful tip is to buy a dildo with a longer handle or a little more length, making it a little easier for you to reach. You'll notice that most non vibrating Dildos have a base that also doubles as a suction cup, personally if your just starting to look, I think this is a great starting point. Suction cup Dildos suction to any flat surface, like the bottom of a bathtub, a shower wall or even a smooth surfaced chair making it easy to ride the dildo on your own and control the speed and the depth.


Oscillators, although a bit more expensive, are really great to start with as well. Oscillating vibrators move back and forth on their own, so essentially you insert and let it do all of the work for you! Something to consider if your leaning towards an Oscillator is the weight, one of our favorite Oscillators are the Fun Factory Stronic Line, they have one shaped like a Rabbit, strictly penetration and a G-spot style to choose from, but they are on the heavier side, so depending on your personal preference this can be a pleasurable feeling of fullness or a little uncomfortable which would require using your hands to navigate the toy to your sweet spot. One thing that can be easily forgotten is Lubricant, you really should use lubricant with any Sex Toy but even more so with penetrating sex toys. Lubricant really helps to make the experience feel a lot more realistic, comfortable and pleasurable.


As mentioned above, we don't all have long arms that allow us to reach or angle our toy to be comfortable. This is where positioning and props come in handy. If you're lying on your back it might be a little tricky to reach, try getting on all fours and inserting your toy this way or get on your knees and sit back on your legs. If you are using a dildo with a suction cup base, find a flat surface chair like wood and once you have it securely latched on you can ride the dildo giving you all of the control. The shower wall is also another favorite, suction your dildo to the shower wall and back up onto it, similar to having your partner standing behind you and sliding in and out only you get to control the speed and how deep your allowing the penetration to go.

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Use props, whether that be Positioning aids or pillows, if your lying on your side, putting a pillow under your hip to elevate your bottom half up a little bit can be a huge help. Or if you are lying on your back try using a pillow or two under your butt to give yourself easier access.

It sounds daunting and perhaps a little overwhelming but remember the goal here is to have fun exploring your own sexuality and to experiment with yourself. The end goal isn't always to have an orgasm, sometimes the end goal can just be learning something new that you enjoy!!


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