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My Impression of the Viben Dazzle Suction Rabbit

My Impression of the Viben Dazzle Suction Rabbit

Sonia Williams |

The Viben Dazzle Suction Rabbit is a toy I typically would not gravitate toward. I am not usually attracted to suction-type toys. A common misconception is that Suction toys and Air Pulsation toys are the same. Air pulsation toys work with pressure wave technology that creates rhythmic air pulsation waves that are sent to the clitoris, which feels like oral sex. Suction toys are just as they sound; they suck on the clitoris, and for me, I usually find that type of stimulation a little too aggressive for my clitoris. I heard some really great feedback and read some good reviews online about the Viben Dazzle, and I thought, "Why the hell not?" I am not entirely sure why I expected the internal portion of this vibrator to be hard and have no give, but thankfully, I was wrong. I removed it from its packaging and was pleasantly surprised by the power of the internal G-spot thumping at the tip of the insertable part of the Dazzle. 


First Impressions


Admittedly, I was a little more concerned with how I was going to feel about the suction tip on the clitoral end of the vibrator. As I mentioned, I have tried "suction" toys before and have never really been a fan as I find them to be too intense. For example, my experience with the Pipedream Fantasy for her Ultimate Pleasure was way too intense for my liking. Granted, that specific toy encompasses the entire Vulva versus just the clitoris; even when I tried using the smaller attachment that can be used for clitoral stimulation or on the nipples, I still found it too harsh. Whereas I now know many Vulva owners who love this toy, it further shows that not one toy fits everybody. Hesitantly, I turned the clitoral part on the Dazzle via its separate button (two separate motors to control each part of the vibrator is always a perk). If you decide you're not really feeling that internal thumping against the G-spot and want the suction and penetration, then simply turn the interior portion of the toy off, and your good to go! While yes, the suction is powerful, I didn't feel that it was as intimidating as the suction on the Fantasy for her. And while I was still a little reluctant, I decided to give suction another go. 

Keeping an open mind to new sexual experiences really is such an eye-opener, and in this specific case, I am glad that I chose to give suction another try. Otherwise, I would not have had the positive experience with the Dazzle that I did. It goes without saying that some adult toys should be used only for what they are intended to be used for. Such as a regular vaginal vibrator should never be used as an insertable anal vibrator because it does not include the base that comes at the bottom of all anal toys allowing it to have a stopping point and not get lost in the anal canal. That being said, my experience with the Dazzle was slightly different from what the toy was initially intended for. I highly recommend using lubricant not only on the vaginal part of the Dazzle but also on the clitoral suction piece as well. Suction toys and air pulsation toys can dry up the clitoral area, so adding a good lubricant can make a world of difference. I did try using the Dazzle the way it was made to be used for internal, G-spot, and clitoral stimulation at first, but my thoughts were just "okay." That was okay, not great, but it was okay, nothing to write home about, but I also wasn't going to give up on the toy completely. So I redirected and really wanted to get a better feel for the suction because when I used it simultaneously, I didn't feel that the suction tip stayed on the clitoris the way that I needed it to. So, as I was playing with the Dazzle and trying to figure out a way to test out the suction part, I realized that the internal part was a lot more flexible than I expected. By sheer accident, I found a whole new way to use this toy that quite frankly blew my mind and definitely not how the toy was intended to be used. 


Different Use for the Dazzle


As I said, the internal part of the Dazzle was a lot more flexible than I expected, so the neck could be pulled back quite far and fit comfortably and snugly between the booty cheeks. So, this stimulation was a game changer, and admittedly, I had to reposition and find the right spot numerous times before I found the unexpected sweet spot. Using the thumper against the outside of the anus that's meant to stimulate the G-spot was not what I was expecting. Once I got both pieces into position, the thumping against the opening of the anus, combined with the suction on the clitoris, was one of the more intense orgasms I have experienced with a toy in quite some time. I was genuinely shocked that I took a toy I wasn't so crazy about and turned it into an unexpected, intense orgasm. The thumping against the anal opening was not too intense but intense enough to stimulate the thousands of nerve endings that surround the entrance of the anus. 

This is not how I recommend the toy be used, just for the sake of it not being the way it was designed to be used, and obviously, everyone's body is shaped differently. But I am also a woman with a big booty, and when I used it this way, I did not get any pushback from the neck of the vaginal part of the toy. 


All the Deets


The Viben Dazzle is made of silky smooth silicone. It has two independent motors to control the clitoral suction and the internal vibration separately or together. Indulge yourself in the ten different vibration patterns. Send yourself over the edge with the clitoral suction (make sure you apply plenty of lubricant, trust me). The Dazzle features three thumping and three suction intensities, so you can gradually increase the stimulation. Dazzle is waterproof and completely submersible, so you have peace of mind while using it in the shower, bathtub, or simply cleaning it. No batteries are required; the Dazzle is rechargeable, making it much easier to hold a charge and travel with. 




Overall, I loved the Dazzle in a non-traditional kind of way. If you enjoy G-spot stimulation and suction, then this toy is for you. Being on the fence myself, in the first place, it really was a toss-up for me, but I am glad that I pursued the Dazzle in the name of sexual science and chasing that Orgasm! Never let someone dictate how you get your BIG "OH." You don't need that kind of negativity in your life!