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My Favorite Toys by Dame Products

My Favorite Toys by Dame Products

Sonia Williams |

Dame is a constantly progressing company that I instantly felt a cosmic calling towards. I have tried quite a few toys by Dame, but these two took the cake minus the Dame Aer, but there is a whole dedicated blog that I wrote for that bad boy! The company was founded in 2014 by Sexologist Alexandra Fine and MIT engineer Janet Lieberman. Dame is a company that is committed to changing the way sexual wellness and Pleasure are understood and experienced in the world. For the most part, the Adult toy Industry was predominately run by men, but that has changed as more and more female-owned companies, such as Le Wand, Crave, and Chakrubs have come on the scene (no pun intended.) Whenever I find a company that is founded and run by women, making adult pleasure products for Vulva Owners that actually work and are designed with women in mind, as a Vulva owner, I love to support these companies—voted one of the most innovative wellness companies of 2020 by WIRED. Dame continues to create a place for Vulva owners to find Adult toy options that work for them and with them and put a stop to the Pleasure Gap.


When Dame first came onto the scene, they entered with Dame Eva as their first toy, and man, oh man, did it WOW people, including myself. For Vulva Owners who need constant clitoral stimulation during Sex in order to reach an orgasm, The Eva was a game changer. There were not a lot of toy options on the market that did that until The Dame Eva. Our options beforehand were vibrating penis rings which sure they do give you some vibration during Sex, but it's not constant vibration. With every thrust in and out of the Vagina, you are breaking the contact between the clitoris and the vibrator. Nearly 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. If you fall under this category, don't lose hope; there are toys out there that can help.

The Eva is a wearable and hands-free little vibrator with tiny flexible arms that make it look slightly spider-like. The little arms tuck into the outer labia and rely on the labia to keep it in place. I will say that for the Eva to stay in place, some positions will work against you, or I should say gravity will work against you. For example, positions like Doggy style will not work in favor of the Eva because it will not stay in place. However, positions where the woman or man is on top will work with the Dame Eva. Just like all other toys, there is no "one toy fits all." you do need to have a certain amount of an outer labia to hold the Eva in place; otherwise, you will deal with it falling out regularly. While the EVA is a fantastic hands-free vibrator for Vulva owners, I would be lying if I said that it works for everyone. Made of medical-grade silicone, featuring a charging dock, a three-year warranty, and, best of all, the Eva only features three vibration intensities controlled by one button, making it much less time-consuming to find the right speed. When the Eva first came out, I was under the impression that it functioned similarly to a couples toy like a Penis Ring or the We-Vibe Chorus, and that is exactly how I sold the Eva to my partner. Upon using the Eva, we quickly realized that this is more of a Vulva Owner toy and not so much for Penis owners. So do bare in mind that the Eva is not technically a "Couples Toy."

Dame Com:

The Dame Wand is a fantastic introduction to Wands. I personally am under the belief that everyone needs a wand in their toy arsenal, but that's just me. Wands are a tried and true classic, a staple in the Adult Toy industry, and just about every big-name brand out there has a wand in their lineup, and for good reason. When you think of "Sex Toy," many people immediately think of a Wand. They have been satisfying women for decades and even appear in shows like Sex in the City ( just like rabbit style vibes.).Like I said, they're a staple for a reason. They're powerful, reliable, and even better, they've had a glow-up, and most of them are now rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about being stuck in front of a wall socket. The Dame Com is no exception. One of the features I love the most about the Dame Com is the weight. Listen, I have had many wand-style adult toys in my day, and for some reason, many of them tend to weigh roughly the same as a Porterhouse (Steak), and that just kills the mood. It's like a wrist workout that you did not sign up for. The Com, however, is a perfect weight; it does not tire my wrist, and I don't get highly annoyed having to trade-off between hands. Being such a lightweight toy, it has enough power to pack a punch. But the feature that I appreciate the most with the Com is the design of the handle and how easy it is to use. Typically, you see a wand with a straight handle, which is not always the most ergonomically easy shape to work with if you have curves at all. So, for all of my Vulva Owners out there with short arms, a baby bump, curves, or a little tummy, the Com takes away some of that frustration. The Com has a much more user-friendly handle, and along with the neck, the handle is curved, making for a much easier solo session. The Com, like other Dame toys, is rechargeable (if you have not jumped on that bandwagon, do yourself a favor and enjoy the reliability) and is unbelievably quiet, so if you have roommates or children and you are trying to have a moment to yourself, then you are in the right place.

Perhaps one of my favorite benefits and selling points of the Dame line is the warranty. Not all toy companies back their toys for extended periods like Dame does. They offer a three-year warranty on their toys in case of any manufacturer defects. The Dame products come with a cute carrying pouch, and I personally keep every single little logo sticker because they're absolutely adorable. If you have yet to try a Dame product, I highly recommend showing them some support.