Male Penis Extensions - All men aren't created equal

Male Penis Extensions - All men aren't created equal

Hi, this is Tim again from Intimates Adult Boutique. I am the Men's Product Expert and owner. I have tried most of the items in the store whether it be for personal use or professional curiosity. Today we are discussing Penis Extensions. Well, penis extensions are a way of leveling the playing field. Sorry to say but all men are not created equal. Some of lack length and some Girth. For some they lack both. Don't worry these extensions can help no matter how big you are. I will admit wearing one of these if your already large is more like punishment for her. Today we are talking about 3 different penis extensions.




  1st extension is the Futurotic Penis Extender by Cal Exotic(Se162601). This an economy version of penis extensions. still uses the great cyberskin material that the more expensive extensions use. When wearing an item like this is sort of like a condom, one good thing is the material has much more feel than latex condoms. You need this because you must maintain an erection while wearing this or it will fall off. Hollow Penis Extensions work well if you are having trouble getting or maintaining erections. So back to the review, the extra length on this extension is 2 Inches. Usually this is more than enough extra length to get the job done. I will admit if your not careful it will slip and hang a little in the front. the Material kind of sticks to the skin. I think the reason this one does that is it's the shortest in total size of the 3 sex toys. Because it had less material to actually grip the penis? It doesn't seem to stay as tight.

pipedream penis extensions pd411721 Intimates Adult BoutiqueThe 2nd extension is Fantasy Extensions from Pipedream(pd411721). This is a 2 inch version as well but has a much more user friendly feature than the first from Cal Exotic. This model will add 33% more girth to your natural girth. The feature we like the most is the Ball Strap that loops over the testicles to help keep the extension in place and if you start to lose your erection it should still work until you almost completely flaccid. Still use the same fleshlike material as the other Penis Extensions. All in all this is our fave of the 3 in this review.

Topco Penis Extension Intimates adult BoutiqueOur 3rd Extra little helper is one of the original Penis enhancers on the market. Its by Topco Products and is the originator of the patented Topco Cyberskin Material. This is the 3 inch Transformer. Just in case 2 more inches wasn't enough. This does have quite a lot of extra material at the bottom which is handy so if it is too long you can trim it back for a perfect fit. this is also a girth enhancer as well. Out of all the cyberskin enhancers? This one is probably the highest quality of anything out there. we hope you have enjoyed our thoughts on these 3 very different yet very alike sex toys.



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