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Slippery Stuff!

Slippery Stuff!

Sonia Williams |

Lubricants, sexy grease, oils; no matter what name you use for them, they are used by 65.5 percent of women, and 20 percent of men. Even though lube is wildly used around the globe, their are many different types, that most people don't know about. When one thinks of lube, they usually think of the most commonly heard of lube, K-Y, not about what kind of lubricant it is that they are using, not if its a water, hybrid, or silicone based lube, and how each are different, depending on what the person wants. Well I'm here to help!

The first type of lube to be discussed is a water based lube. When looking for a water based lube, you want to make sure that the first ingredient is either water or aloe, if the first ingredient is glycerin, then the lube will be thicker, and might be more of a warming style water based lube. Water based lubricants are the most commonly used kind of lube. They very easily rinse away, no need for soap and water. When this type of lubricant is applied to the skin, it is a cool feeling, but it can tend to get sticky. Also, because water based lubes absorb in to the skin, adding a bit of water can reactivate its viscosity. Water based lubricants offer the most variety, including flavors, warming, stimulating, and natural style lubes, and it is compatible with all toy materials.


Another great type of lubricant is hybrid, a hybrid is a water based lube, with a silicone ingredient, like dimethicone, and its consistency is usually visually white, or creamy. Hybrids are unique water based lubes that do not get sticky, they tend to feel slippery, but thin enough to still feel a good amount of sensation. Many times hybrid lubes hydrate, protect, and trap the moisture in the skin, which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth when it dries. Also hybrid lubes are compatible with latex, rubber, glass, plastic, and silicone materials.


Finally, we make it to the silicone style of lubricants. A silicone lubricant is a lube with ingredients the end in "ol" or "cone", like dimethicone, demethinconol, and they might even contain ingredients like cyclopentasiloxane. Silicone lubes are great if the intercourse last awhile, or if a person is trying to penetrate anally, because it creates a long-lasting glide, and never feels sticky. Also, because this style lube is not water soluble, it makes sexual intercourse in a pool, tub, and/or shower easy. Silicone based lubes are compatible with latex, rubber, glass, and plastic materials, do not use with silicone devices!