Liberators and why they are so essential.

Liberators and why they are so essential.

One of my absolute favorite things to talk about and introduce people to are Liberators. I think that everyone could benefit from a position aid. If you have ever flipped through those books that show hundreds of different sex positions and you think to yourself "how in the hell" well your not alone. If you are not an acrobat a lot of those positions can look just plain impossible, that's where the Liberator Line comes into play!

The Liberator Ramp is my personal favorite. Its absolutely perfect for girls with a big butt or girls that have curves! Having curves is sexy but sometimes they can prevent you from having sex in specific positions, or from achieving deep penetration. If you lay down tummy first over the highest end of the Ramp you give your bottom half a lot of elevation so that deeper penetration is possible. It also puts your lower half at an angle allowing your partner to possibly get better access to your G-spot! Try putting your Ramp on your bed with the low angle facing the edge of your bed. Then lay down on the Ramp with your butt to the edge of the highest angle and your head hanging off the bed a little bit. Your partner can then perform oral on you while they are standing up and you can simultaneously perform oral on them. This position allows you to perform oral sex in a "69" position without the weight of your partner crushing you, or your partner having to support their body weight on their elbows. For those of us who are not very tall the Liberator provides you with a 10 to 14 inch lift, making it a lot easier to access those positions you normally would not be able to.


The Liberator Wedge is almost like a smaller version of the Ramp. If you want something small that you could easily store on the top shelf of your closet and take down whenever the mood strikes then the wedge is perfect. A fun way to use the Wedge to spice up your basic missionary position is to put it under the knees of the person laying on their back. Both partners will feel the penetration a bit because the person laying down will have a little more power behind their pelvic thrust! The slight slope to the Wedge also works perfectly for anal penetration. The Liberator Wedge and Ramp can be added together for extra support and better positioning.


The Hipster was designed to hug the contours of your body, giving you all over support and comfort. The lower part of the Hipster gives you the perfect amount of support for longer periods of oral sex without becoming stiff or uncomfortable. A great position to try with the hipster is a sort of "reverse cowgirl". With one person laying down length wise across the hipster with their bottom in the deepest dip of the hipster and their legs hanging over the highest point. Then straddle your partner with your back facing them. The person on the bottom has the floor to push up from and the support for deep pelvic thrusts!

All Liberator position aids are:

  • Vacuum compressed
  • Are made with a removable microfiber sheet (easy for washing)
  • Have moisture resistant lining
  • Are made in the USA
  • Made to enhance your sex life!





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