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Le Wand Original vs the Le Wand Petite

Le Wand Original vs the Le Wand Petite

Sonia Williams |

There is just something about these wands that are like looking at a porshe and realizing how inferior your Toyota is.. They're so sleek and beautiful and luxurious its unreal. I bought the Le Wand original right away when it came out, the pearl white and rose gold colors reeled me in and the power is what got me hooked! Im going to be honest I was a little concerned by how powerful it is because of how sensitive I am. I honestly thought this wand was going to end up being a back massager instead of a personal massager. Yes I do use it as a back massager as well but I do use it as a personal massager too. 

The biggest differences between the original and the petite Le Wand is obviously most noticeably the size. From top to bottom the Le Wand Petite is the size of just the handle on the Le Wand original, the Petite is considerably smaller hence the name. Which I will say makes it a bit more appealing especially for those who travel a lot, the original wand also weighs a lot more than the Petite. In hindsight I would likely choose the Le Wand Petite now instead of the Original purely because of the size difference and how much lighter it is. The Le Wand Original is a pretty heavy wand, if your home alone and something is going bump in the night you could definitely use the Le Wand Original as a weapon! 

I love paying even more appreciation to brands making toys for women that are actually designed by women. Le Wand is a Female founded brand, leading the way is the Founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair with over 16 years of experience in the Sexual Intimacy Industry. 

The Le Wand Original 

Has 10 Vibration speeds and 20 Vibration Patterns like pulsation etc.. It is rechargeable which thank god for that because when you think Wand you think of the old school ones you have to keep plugged into the wall while using which is just not the Vibe at all. It has a firm handle and a flexible body safe silicone neck. It also comes with a gel sleeve that fits over the head that has bumps and texture on it, as well as a travel case. This brand also provides a 1 Year Warranty should your Le Wand have any sort of manufactured defect within 1 Year after date of purchase. The biggest difference to me between the original and the petite aside from the size is the sound. As much as I love the original and still use it today, its noisy, which I'm not going to lie, I could definitely live without. 

The Le Wand Petite

Winner of the prestigious Women's Health FEMTECH Awards. The Le Wand Petite is smaller in comparison but packs a powerful punch. The Petite has 10 vibration speeds and only 6 patterns. I would put the Le Wand Petite in the beginners category, if you are new to toys or wands I would steer clear of the Le Wand Original. Like the Original it is a cordless, rechargeable wand but unlike the Original it is shower safe! The Petite is not nearly as noisy as the Original which is perfect for those who have roommates, live in a dorm, live at home with their parents or have kids. Nothing like having your parents knocking on the door wondering what the heck that sound is to kill the mood. I personally don't think that the Petite is as strong as the Original Wand so it is perfect for beginners. 


These products have been highlighted in prestigious magazines such as Glamour, Mens Health and Cosmopolitan. Individuals raving "Best sex toy for Women" "Most powerful Wand Vibrator" and so many other five star, highly rated comments about the Le Wand! If you are interested in a wand I would highly recommend checking out the Le Wand line, you will not be disappointed! 






Written by Sonia

Manager and Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

Have been Mgr of Intimates Boutique for 7 years. I am certified in sexual education and a sex toy expert. Sharing my knowledge is one of my biggest passions. Hope you enjoy the information.