Kegel Balls: Saving One Vagina at a Time!

Kegel Balls: Saving One Vagina at a Time!

 Would you like to experience better orgasms, rejuvenate your vagina naturally, and have an over all healthier system? If your answer happens to be yes, then it sounds like you should invest in kegel balls.

Kegel balls are small ball shaped weights that have been used since ancient times (approximately 500 A.D.) for sexual stimulation and to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. There are also Kegal Muscle exercisers that work with an App on your smartphone to monitor how tight you are squeezing, or how long you are exercising your Kegal muscles. Kegel balls are also known as ben wa balls, pleasure balls, kegel spheres, or orgasm balls. One can achieve sexual stimulation two ways with the kegel balls, by inserting them into the vagina or in the anus. *Make sure that if you use them anally, that they have a retrieval cord.*


  Ben Wa Balls aren't only used for pleasure, they are usually recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists to help improve the elasticity of the vaginal muscles, and for better control of the bladder. There are actually multiple benefits in using kegel balls. The most common benefit is that they help to make the vaginal muscles stronger. They also increase sensations, thereby, causing intense sexual arousal, and they help to reach orgasm easier. Kegel balls not only help heighten sexual pleasures, they also help increase ones sex drive, and they can cause an erection of the clitoris during intercourse. Another benefit in using kegel balls, is that you can increase your control of your vaginal muscles, and will be able to control them rhythmically during sexual intercourse. Also kegel balls can help in making childbirth easier. After delivery your muscles will recover to their original shape more efficiently.

Tips and Tricks:

For first time users, with weak pelvic floor muscles, it is suggested that you use either plastic balls, or larger duotone balls, because these styles of kegel balls are easier to hold in compared to smaller balls. Kegel balls are designed so that a person can wear them out and about, and even during physical activities. However, you should be aware of the fact that they might slip out. They can even slip out due to something small, like a sneeze, or cough. Also if you are wearing them while you are traveling, make sure that they are not metal balls, because they will be able to set off metal detectors. Although, it may take you a few weeks of wearing kegel balls on a regular basis before your pelvic floor muscles becomes strong enough to hold them in while you are doing physical activity. Finally, you can also wear one or both balls while having intercourse, the balls help in stimulating the penis and they can increase natural lubrication of the vagina.

How To Use:

Step 1: Empty your bladder before inserting the kegel balls into the vagina.

Step 2: One ball should be inserted at a time. To help them glide in, put some lubrication on them. Inserting them is similar to inserting vaginal tampons. In case you have trouble inserting them, lift your one leg up or insert them while lying down.

Step 3: To hold the balls in the vagina, squeeze first the muscles of your leg and then your PC muscles. You should get a feeling of fullness and something pushing down in your vagina. Eventually, like tampons, you will get used to the feeling.

Step 4: Kegel balls should be held inside your vagina for at least 15 minutes in a day so that your PC muscles are strengthened. For a better workout you can hold them inside for hours.

Step 5: In case any of the balls fall out, it should be washed using soap and water and inserted back in.

Step 6: You can remove the balls in several ways such as: sneezing, jumping up and down, coughing, sitting in the position of having a bowel movement etc. You can also purchase balls that have a retrieval cord attached to them.


So if you are in the market for a discrete item, that will allow you to partake in some vaginal fitness training, I highly suggest kegel balls, they have been proven useful to help achieve stronger pelvic floor muscles.



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