Erotic Massages - Slippery Fun

Erotic Massages - Slippery Fun


Let's Talk Massages.

People look at erotic massages as more of a couple's oriented experience, but it is much more than that. The art of erotic massage has been passed down for generations, even the sexual Indian art of Kama Sutra has been around for thousands of years. Incorporating Tantric arts in sexual encounters increases an intimacy in sensual exploration.

Setting The Mood

   Let's begin by creating a sensual place with a sexually charged atmosphere. You want to invite her to a " Night of Sexual Ecstasy". This can be started with a rang of ideas, from planning the whole night out to just finding a way to set the mood. A massage is just a "massage", Right? Well, not exactly. For example, satin sheets are always a nice way to start an interesting evening and they are a fun way to help excite ones visual senses which will help lead to a night of passion. Also in having just a few pillows on the bed is another great way to make it a more comfortable environment, and they can often double as an assistant for new sex positions. ( I highly recommend investing in a position aide like the Liberator ramp.) Another fun activity is to partake in modeling for one another, just snap a few nude photos of each other, some single photos and some together, to ensure that the mood for your evening for enjoyable, and maybe if your feeling real adventurous you could add a plastic or super slippery sheet in the mix in events of the night. If you don't have access to a massage table you could also try using a blow up raft, it stays slippery and it wont leave a mess in the sheets.

Enjoy Each Other

The key to a successful erotic massage is that you both share and indulge in each other equally. Having a great massage oil is the best way to start an erotic evening. We highly recommend Kama Sutra Massage oil, this brand use the cold press method to extract the natural oils, so this allows it to absorb into the skin, and still slide across with ease. An added feature that Kama Sutra Oils include is that they will not leave an oily residue on the skin, and they act as natural moisturizers. Another reason we suggest the Kama Sutra Oil is because it usually does not cause infections or irritation with users if it is used internally.

Let's Get Oily

Let's start by each person applying oil to any place of the body that might be used for contact.  Massages are about connecting, that being the case, a perfect place to start an erotic massage is by gently massaging the face, temples, and chin. These sections of the body are known as relaxation points. Next, it's time to make you way down the body. Switching back and forth between rubbing and a lightly touching your partner will help you work your way from the shoulder to the small of the back in a seductive manner, making your partner crave for more. The small of a persons back is known as an erogenous zone and should be given much attention, this act can range from just giving a sweet kiss, a light tickle or even a deep kneaded rub on the lower back. These ideas are for both men and women to assist with relaxation and setting the mood. Being relaxed is one of the most important things in life but that doubles when it comes to sexual pleasure. Now that we are relaxed it's time for erotic play!

Foreplay Is Fun

Now that the foreplay part of the massage has begun, it's time to get more in depth in the ways of erotic massage. When doing an erotic body massage don't be afraid to use your whole body. Just start by covering both you and your partner in oil and then begin the massage, oily bodies rubbing together in unison can be very fun and extremely sexy. This is a great way to get closer to each other, sharing fantastic body to body contact, and in doing so you might discover new erogenous zones that you never knew you had.

Let's Work On Those Tension Areas

The next erogenous zones that need some attention and a good rubbing are the buttocks. For men and women this area can be a great body part to massage as to release tension, also for men specifically, this is a perfect time for a perineum massage. The perineum is an outside pressure point for a man's prostate, this area is between the testicles and the sphincter.

Time for Him

Now let us focus on the man's portion of the massage. Start by having him lay flat on his back, after you have him in this relaxed position it is best to start with a temple massage and slowly work your way down to his chest. Even though a man's chest isn't nearly as fun as a woman's chest, it still feels good when massaged with oil. Finally, the massage comes to an end for the man, finishing with a penile massage. There are many things to do beside just pulling on the penis, you should never forget that the testicles need love as well. The combination of a penile massage with a perineum massage, or a testicle massage can create new sensations, that are not normally experienced during normal sexual encounters.

Time For Her

Finally it's the women's time to shine! Gentlemen, the key to a great erotic massage is to take your time, get her extremely relaxed, then let it build and build until she is truly ready, then bring her to climax. Just like for the men's massage, we highly suggest starting at the temples and slowly working your way down, move to the breast. Start in this erogenous zone very gently. Some women like when your a little rough with breast but all women are different, so start out teasing, rubbing lightly, and then watch her and/or communicate with her to find out what really turns her on. After the breast massage it is time to move on to more sensitive parts of the body. Gentlemen, there are multiple areas in the vulva that need attention when it comes to massage fun. We recommend rubbing all around the vulva including the pelvic mound and parts of the body like the thighs. Then once she is all warmed up, begin to massage the labia, slowly moving towards the clitoris. Always remember to attend to the g-spot as well. Erotic massage play is the best time to explore the g-spot.





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