Christmas Mega Guide Pt. 3

Christmas Mega Guide Pt. 3

Womanizer Premium

If you never have tried a suction or air pulsation toy, they are, in our opinion, one of the best kinds of toy on the market. The Womanizer Premium is one of our best selling air pulsation toys! It is covered in super soft silicone and is whisper quiet. When the mouth of the toy isn't touching skin it stops pulsing to preserve battery life.

VeDO Kinky Bunny

It is pretty easy to tell that VeDO is one of our store's favorite brands, and the Kinky Bunny is our best selling rabbit. It had two powerful motors and a curve for the g-spot that is just perfect. The two motors can be controlled independently from each other for a different experience every time. 

Renegade Revive

This is one of our best prostate toys. Perfect for an intermediate player who wants a little extra from a prostate toy. Not only is it good for direct prostate simulation but it has a second motor for external prostate and testicle stim.

Lora DiCarlo Onda

THIS! This is one of the coolest g-spot toys that exist! The Onda not only vibrates, but it also has this little "finger" that moves back and forth for the ultimate stimulation. We like to call this whole line of toys 'pleasure robots' because the tech is amazing! The Onda is our favorite in the entire line.

VeDO Roq

This list is just full of best sellers. If you are looking for a rechargeable vibrating cock ring, the Roq is the way to go! This ring has deep rumbly vibration and the shape is perfect for grinding on, especially if your partner enjoys being on top. Not only is this ring good to use with a partner, it can be integrated into solo masturbation!


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