Christmas Mega Guide Pt. 1

Christmas Mega Guide Pt. 1

I know that holiday shopping can be a little hard sometimes. I compiled all of the store's favorite toys to maybe help your choice a little bit easier!

Lelo Sila

So, we all know and love the Lelo Sona, right? Well Lelo came out with a major improvement on an already best seller! Meet the Lelo Sila! The Sila works of the same sonic pleasure waves as the Sona, but it has a wider mouth to accommodate a wider array of anatomies! On top of the wider mouth, it is a also a little less intense than the Sona, leaving for a smoother ride and pleasurable experience!

VeDO Rio/Bump

VeDO is already one of our favorite toy companies and when they came out with the Rio, we couldn't help but bring it in. The Rio is perfect for beginners to any sort of anal play because of its pyramid shape that starts off small. If you are already experienced in butt stuff, the Bump is the perfect step up! The Bump doesn't gradually grow like the Rio and starts off pretty big. If you want even one step further, there is the Bump Plus which is slightly bigger and also comes with a remote!!

Fun Factory Manta

The Manta! Oh man. This has become one of our favorite male toys to boot! Deep rumply vibration, amazing little ridges that grip onto lube to make it a smooth experience, and the capability of being so much more than just a solo toy. The Manta is basically a wand for men. Not only is is perfect for solo play, it can also be used in foreplay with your partner or even during intercourse in any way you can think of.

CalExotics Foreplay Set

Couples toys have been on the rise. Specifically remote control toys for the adventurous couples. The foreplay set is perfect for him and her. It has a remote control kegal ball AND a remote control cock ring! You guys can go back and forth teasing each other for hours and then easily go into the bedroom and let the fun continue (while still using each toy if you so very choose.)

Main Squeeze Strokers

I know there are so many different strokers out there, but the Main Squeeze ones are some of our favorite! It is built similar to a Fleshlight, but we think the suction it creates is better and it is also squeezable to create more pressure.


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