Best Things at an Adult Store That AREN'T Vibratiors!

Best Things at an Adult Store That AREN'T Vibratiors!

I know, when you think of an adult store, you think of a lot of different toys and maybe some lube and lingerie. Well there is much more to an adult store than you think! I thought I would tell you about five things that weren't toys!

Lube, lube, and more lube!

Lube may be one of the more obvious answers, but until you see it, you would never be able to guess how many different kinds of lubricants that exist past KY Jelly and Astro Glide. Water based, silicone, and hybrids. Those are the three main kinds that are out that and they are all great in the own was. Some of our favorite lubricants tend to be hybrids because they are perfect for everything. One of our favorite hybrids is by Wicked. It has just the right amount of silicone in it to keep it slippery, but not enough to hurt any of your toys!


Now, I know what you may be thinking. "Don't adult store only sell magazines and erotica?" Nope! As we do carry some erotica, we have a plethora of education books on almost any topic that you can think of! One of our favorite books is The Sex Issue by Goop. Its all about seduction, sexuality, and desire. A good read for sure!


Along with lingerie and some other small accessories, wigs can set the tone for a night that is unforgettable. You can change who you are for the night and every night. Wigs are perfect for the person who want to role play as someone completely different for a little while. You can also getting a different for for any mood that you may be in!

Enamel Pins

The perfect way to discreetly (or non) show off something that you love or share a part of your life. There are so many different varieties and such to show off your lifestyle! We happen to carry some pins that are pretty kinky and a little geeky!


Games are a perfect way to break the ice in a new relationship or spice up an existing one! You can play something as simple as a dice game or getting a full blown board game. There are also games to play at a bridal party or a fun night drinking with your friends. One of our favorite games (and best selling) is Fifty Days of Play. It has a color coded die and corresponding cards that are different levels of feisty. Perfect for a romantic night with your partner.

Written by Charlie

Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

I have been a certified sexual health expert here since November 2018. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and even learning some more along the way!




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