The Best New Toys

The Best New Toys

We have brought in quite a few new toys as of late and I am so excited to share them with you! From G-spot, Clitoral and Couples toys, there are so many new toys on the market but as always we strive to bring you the very best ones.

Femme Funn Lola G:

The new Lola G by Femme Funn is unbelievable. I don't think we were entirely aware of what to expect when we brought it in but to say it surprised us in a good way would be a huge understatement. Originally we thought the shape and length was perfect for a great G-spot toy but WOW there are so many other things that make it not just a good G-spot toy but a Fantastic one. The Lola G is ribbed from the tip to the end making it even more sensual when penetrating. The head is curved perfectly to hit the G-spot and is also made of a very soft Liquid Silicone outter and a firm Silicone Core, making it extremely flexible and soft. It is also deliciously strong, it has a very deep vibration which sends you right over the edge. If you want a good G-spot vibrator that's sure to bring you to an intense G-spot orgasm then we have found her!! The Lola G is also Magnetically Rechargeable, has 8 Speeds and a turbo mode!


Dame Aer:

I know I know, more suction toys... how different can they really be?? The Aer by the Female founded and operated Company Dame is just too good not to write a little something about. It's actually a really great mixture between the Lelo Sona and the Womanizer. It is shaped like the We-Vibe Melt which as a lot of you I'm sure know is one of my favorite designs because of its slim handle and how easy it is to grip onto during solo play or during sex. The reason that I wasn't a huge fan of the Lelo Sona is because it has a silicone flap on the inside close to the opening that thumps on the Clitoris and for me it was too aggressive. However the Dame Aer has a silicone flap on the inside as well but its positioned deeper into the opening that it doesn't feel aggressive like the Lelo Sona, it just gives a little extra sensation. The whole body of the Aer is made in Silicone which I find really convenient so that you're able to just wash the entire toy at once. It is really a good mixture of a fluttering tongue motion and suction, so if you're a fan of Oral Sex then this could be the toy for you. If you have never tried an Air Pulsation toy before let me introduce you to the Dame Aer!!



 We-Vibe Verge: 

The Verge is really a Penis Ring to trump all other Penis Rings. What I find great about it is that its not just a "Couples Toy Penis Ring" it's also a dedicated Male toy. You have the option to wear it like a typical Penis Ring with the vibrating part facing upwards so your partner experiences Clitoral Stimulation or turn it around so the vibrator is contoured to stimulate the Perineum. Unlike a lot of other Vibrating Penis Rings where you mostly just feel vibration in the Vibrator, the We-Vibe Verge sends all that vibration right into the ring part as well so the male is stimulated during intercourse at all times. In true We-Vibe fashion they pull out all of the bells and whistles with their toys. The Verge does work with the We Connect App on your phone so you can control it from a device if you feel up to a little adventure, it's also really intuitive. One of my favorite features is the Low Power mode, so it tells you ahead of time when the battery is getting low so you can charge it instead of it dying right before the fun really begins!!






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