Add-on's in the Bedroom... For Under $20?!

Add-on's in the Bedroom... For Under $20?!

Looking for a quick and cheap way to add something new and exciting to the bedroom? I got you covered. Get your bang for your buck with these 10 items under $20!

1. System Jo Edible Lubricant:

If you're looking to enhance oral sex then look no further! System Jo edible lubricants come in 17 delicious and unique flavors. Plus, some good news... There's no artificial sweeteners or sugars added which is not only a way safer option for a lubricant but its a guilt free addition to your bedroom play! Try all the flavors here!

2. Silicone Quickie Cuffs:

These bad boys say it all in their name! These Quickie Cuffs are made out of a soft but strong, flexible silicone. Making them easy to transport as quick restraints, comfortable to wear, and flexible enough to fit almost any size wrist. Avoid those noisy chains and annoying keys with regular old cuffs and get yourself some super convenient cuffs. You won't regret it! Find these cuffs here.

3. Satin Blindfold:

Interested in some sensory play? Blindfold your partner. Losing the ability to see what you're bout to do to them or where you're about to touch them will enhance and magnify every sensation! Making for some very sexy and arousing play time. This satin blindfold is soft and sexy.

4. Thigh High Stockings:

Whether you're trying to dress it up or dress it down, thigh high stockings are the perfect sexy look for a special night with your partner. Thigh high's are great for in-a-pinch situations because they look sexy with just about everything. From a full on intricate corset to a simple black g-string, pair them with anything to add the finishing touches to your look! Click here to find one that matches your look.

5. Massage Oil:

Picking up a small bottle of massage oil and treating your partner to a full body massage is the perfect treat to any couples night! Show your partner you care by welcoming them home with their favorite scented massage oil. I suggest going into your local adult shop to smell an oil before you buy it, but they can still be purchased online, here.

6. C-Ring:

A fun and inexpensive accessory that can spice things up is a penis ring! A c-ring will make a man's penis more sensitive, therefore enhancing sensation for him! If you're looking for a c-ring that can enhance the experience for both a male and a female, look for a one-use vibrating penis ring. The small vibrating bullets located on the top of the ring can easily add extra pleasurable sensations for a male but can also pleasure a female by stimulating the clitoris. I recommend the Big O Vibrating Ring.

7. Arousal Cream:

An inexpensive way to enhance any sexual experience would be to try an arousal cream! Arousal creams, oils, or gels are the perfect way to leave your partner ready and wanting more! You can opt for tingling, warming or cooling. But be warned these could be a bit intense for people are that are sensitive. Horny Honey is my favorite arousal cream.

 8. Sexual Enhancing Pills:

Let me first say that these enhancing pills are not just for males, but can used by females as well! These pills can help males increase in size, last longer, and increase sensations. The pills for women can make her more aroused, sensitive and wet! Many times the capsules can be opened to only use bit at a time so they last longer than one night.

9. Vibrating Bullet:

Looking for something, easy, inexpensive, and pleasurable? Try a vibrating bullet. These little guys may not look impressive but they can really pack a punch! Bullets are great clitoral stimulators, and can make any night way more exciting. Take a look at the Primal Instinct bullet!

10. GoodHead Throat Numbing Spray:

Another oral sex helper, this one can be super fun for anyone looking to get a little deeper. The giver will spray the back of their throat with the numbing spray and wait a few seconds. The back of their throat will then be numb allowing them to accept a penis farther down their throat without setting off their gag reflex. Genius, right? These sprays come in 4 tasty flavors and can be found here.



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