Full Review on the Motorbunny Buck!

Full Review on the Motorbunny Buck!

There aren't many sit-on-top sex machines out there, making the market for them very competitive. The three main ones are Sybian, The Cowgirl, and The Motor Bunny. All three are similar in some ways, but I decided to land on (pun intended) The Motor Bunny, specifically The Motor Bunny Buck, which is their collaboration with DocJohnson Novelties.

It has a five-year warranty that automatically comes with the purchase of the toy, unlike Sybian's, which is one year and is an extra cost. Because the Motor Bunny is entirely modular, if the power supply fails or the remote stops working, all you have to send back is one of those pieces instead of the entire machine! They will assess what you need and replace the affected piece in the first five years. If you have an issue within ten years, then again evaluate it and replace the piece at 50% off their price.

There are two different ways that you can use the Motor Bunny; either by the remote that plugs into the machine or by the app that connects through the remote. If you are using the machine with just the remote, there are 11 speed settings and 11 thrusting/bucking settings (depending on which attachment you are using). The app has endless possibilities for functions, can play with people around the world, and even has a game that is very reminiscent of Flappy Bird! Another fantastic part of the toy is that it can be used on its side like a traditional sex machine when using the Eva wedge attachment, which protects the power cord.

Because The Motor Bunny Buck has so much power, it has to plug into the wall, which limits the possibilities of where you can use it unless you have a good extension cord.

The packaging is just as you expect, a big box with a boatload of information covering a plain box with a smaller accessory-filled box inside. Most of the attachments that come with the Motor Bunny are silicone, but a few are more of a Cyberskin material. The accessory box comes with three classic Motor Bunny attachments, three Vac-U-Loc attachments, two thrust toggles, and the cords that make it work!

What are my true thoughts on the Motor Bunny Buck? I would give it a solid 7/10 because there are a couple of flaws that I don't see being ironed out in the near future.

Let's start with the positives! I love the vibration strength. For some, it may be way too strong or over-stimulating, but for me and my clit made of steel, it's perfect. With traditional vibrators, or even just my fingers, it sometimes takes upwards of an hour to have an orgasm. With this, I was able to have an orgasm in under twenty minutes. I like the fact that you can lean the machine on its side to use it like a traditional sex-machine. Not only does it come with two Vac-U-Loc dildos, but it also comes with the plug, so you can use any Vac-U-Loc you want to. With that comes my first gripe. When using the dildo attachments, they sit way too high, so using it as a sit-on-top can be a little uncomfortable, so I am pushed to use it on its side when using the Vac-U-Loc's. My other gripe? I would prefer to use it on my bed because it muffles the noise and is easier on my knees. The toy does not sit steadily on soft surfaces, so I have to use it on the ground.

You may think that AFAB people can only use this toy, but that is far from the truth! AMAB people can also use it! All the attachments that come with it are anal-safe! And those vibrations? Perfect for prostate stimulation!

I would recommend the Motor Bunny Buck to anyone looking for something extremely powerful!

What can you buy alongside your machine? Lubricant to start! I recommend a hybrid lubricant to anyone, specifically Good Clean Love! The Motor Bunny also has four tie-down spots for cuffs, so you should get a couple of sets of the Sportsheets Saffron Cuffs!


Written by Harvey Rose (He/They)

Assistant Manager and Sex Educator here at Intimates Adult Boutique

I have been here since November of 2018 and I have learned so much! I love spreading that knowledge to others on a daily basis! I am Body Positive, Sex Positive, and apart of the LGBTQ+ community! What can I teach you today?


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