We hear very often from Couples & Women that they are interested in, or their partners are interested in trying Anal Play, but because there have been countless misconceptions made about Anal Sex and a lot of people have tried to follow what they see in Pornography, anal sex can be a really scary thing to start considering. What a lot of people don't know is that Anal Play can be extremely enjoyable if done correctly and there is open communication between both partners.

We will be giving guidence and tips and tricks to safe and fun ways to begin your Anal Play journey! From what toys are better for beginners, what lubricants you should and should not be using and how to approcach Anal Sex in a positive way.

This Class is open to Couples & Women!

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 Erotic Empowerment Weekend Workshop

Friday September 21, 7-9 pm

What is Erotic Empowerment? Erotic Empowerment is a state of mind. But how do you enter this empowered state of mind?

Imagination and knowledge are the foundations of sexual innovation. For women who are looking for inspiration in the bedroom, this workshop is for you.

This workshop, taught by Sexual health & Wellness expert Sonia Hillegass, will include: 

  • Exercises & workout options to enhance your Sexual experience
  • Discovering various types of Orgasm
  • Simple Shibarri Knot Tying techniques
  • Self Pleasure
  • Wax Play


Saturday September 22, 6-9 pm

There is a completely centered, confident, fiercely beautiful woman inside you. You will find her through movement-but not just any movement.
This Introduction to S Factor workshop will include: 


  • 1 hour movement class including sensual warmup, floor work and pole work for all levels including beginners!
  • intermediate and advanced S Factor women will demonstrate erotically charged dance movement for 30 minutes
  • Documentary film created by an S Factor student. Filmmaker Michele Beck will take you on a journey inside the world of pole dancing for the everyday woman.

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