What's the Deal with Fleshlights?

What's the Deal with Fleshlights?

There are so many different kinds of penis toys out there that sometimes it is hard to choose from! Do you want one that is molded from an actual body? How about one that does or doesn't come in a case? Or maybe even one that creates a little suction when you are pulling it off?

Well! I am here to tell you that there is a brand that lets you choose from all of that!


Fleshlight is one of the world's top selling penis masturbation toys out there!

Now what's they hype?

So. Many. Options!

Pornstars, stamina units, open-ended, realistic or not. Fleshlight offers options. Fleshlight uses a patented Real Feel Superskin material to make your experience even better. It’s a body-safe material that’s easy to clean and feels good wrapped around your shaft.


Fleshlights come in a case that sound exactly light their name! A flashlight! Now it is your choice if you leaving sitting on your bedside table or in your drawer, but if someone were to get a glimpse, they would be none the wiser.


Adding a bit of suction to your masturbation fun is an option with some Fleshlights. You get extra sensation and avoid that raw, overly sensitive feeling that other sleeves can cause.


Fleshlights are made to last! As long as you follow some basic cleaning instructions; Wash with warm, soapy water or your favorite toy cleaner, let it sit outside of the case to dry for a little while, and as an extra dry protection take a little bit of refreshing powder or cornstarch to soak up any extra moisture and help keep it dry.

Our Faves!

Quickshot Stamina Training Unit

The Quickshot Stamina Training Unit combines two of their most popular products into a discreet, open-ended stroker engineered to turn ordinary masturbation into an intensely pleasurable training session.

Fleshlight Girls

The Fleshlight Girls are the hottest stars in the adult industry, and you can bring home realistic and high-quality masturbation toys molded from them!

Fleshlight Crystal

The Fleshlight Ice Butt Crystal. See yourself like never before. Perfectly see through so you (or a partner) can see exactly what's going on.

 Interested on what Fleshlight has to offer? Shop our full collection of Fleshlights, and find your perfect match.



Written by Charlie (They/He)
Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique
I have been a certified sexual health expert here since Nov 2018. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and even learning some more along the way!




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