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Evolved Super SuckerEvolved Super Sucker
$ 129.99

Product Details

Super Sucker from Evolved Novelties. Suction vibrator fans will love the Super Sucker’s unique twist a perfectly angled G-Spot vibrator with a shaft tip that features a thumping motion just like the tried and true come hither finger method of arousing the G-Spot. Get ready for a double whammy orgasm that stimulates two of the most powerful erogenous zones simultaneously in just the way they were meant to be stimulated! Customize your experience with 8 different G-Spot thumping speeds, and 5 clitoral suction speeds. Clean with warm water rinse and Evolved Toy Cleaner.G-Spot vibrator with clitoral suction stimulator. Gentle or powerful thumping motion in shaft tip 8 thumping speeds and functions 5 clitoral sucking functions from gentle to powerful. Textured rings on head of shaft add to G-Spot stimulation. Made from creamy smooth silicone. Handle made from pearl finished ABS plastic. Buttons light up with blue LED light. Height 9 inches, depth 2.8 inches, width 1.59 inches. Weight: 7.7 ounces. Phthalate free and latex free. Splash proof, not submersible. USB rechargeable, cable included. Video.

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